Selling Differently

The Unique Aspects of Animal Health Selling
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What is Special?
Animal Health Selling- Customers

Animal Health Selling- Market

  1. For your customer, bird or animal equals his capital, this is particularly why you should
    never rely on price leadership alone to win the battle. No one will be ready to loose performance against minor cost cuts. In companion animals market as well, it’s all about animal welfare, where cutting cost comes as a second priority.
  2. For poultry and livestock sectors, the production process is a merely economic process, using your calculator to calculate the cost benefit ratio of your product will give unexpectedly high positive results.
  3. Over-selling without a strong scientific base is high likely to turn into catastrophic losses, this will negatively reflect on your sales, moreover it might expose your company to a financial liability. Therefore, Only scientifically sound claims with a technical and marketing endorsements should be communicated to customers.
  4. Animal health market is relatively a confined market with limited no of prescribers, retailers and key accounts. In such a market, word-of-mouth has a great impact on purchase decision-making. Word of mouth in these terms can act as a double-edged sword that might support or harm your business. General roles in a word-of-mouth market are:
    –After-selling-services works as an excellent promotion tool as customer will convey his experience to others.
    –Standardization of pricing and bonus schedule is a key issue, in a word-of-mouth market no secret will be kept, it is a role among customers to disclose suppliers prices and they usually follow this role.
    –Billiard role highly applies here, where you can trigger demand of specific customer through approaching another customer and holding a deal with him. Some customers will have no interest in a product until their major competitor start using it.
  5. Poultry markets specifically under liver-bird conditions are highly liable to financial fluctuations. A wise salesman well monitor a vast of market variables to predict future market patterns. Important general indicators includes:
    •Prices of end-products (day-old-chicks, meat, table eggs, hatching eggs)
    •Prices of feed and materials
    •Cost of day-old flock

    These factors gives general indicators, further specific data about every customer is highly required to monitor credit policy and manage it on case-by-case basis.
Animal Health Selling- Products

  • Products in animal health lying whether in one of 2 categories: Protective / Prophylactic or Therapeutic. In both categories product performance is crucial, either protecting against or treating a serious problem that is liable to cause devastating losses in case of failure.
  • The immediate impact on flocks in animal health whether positively or negatively works as the best maker or worst breaker for the brand reputation. All depending on proper application and positioning of the product in its right landscape. Subsequently a cautious eye should always be on after-selling services to grant proper application and standard outcomes.
What is the way out of the MAZE?
Go for the Hardest but RIGHTEST ways. Shield your business with an ETHICAL CONDUCT. Ethical business conduct relies on:

  1. Integrity
  2. Commitment
  3. Truth

And a business shall be classified ethical whenever it possess the following criteria:

  1. Merely law-abiding.
  2. Keeps customers best interest as fairly and carefully as stakeholders best interest.
  3. Zero level of opacity to customers as well as authorized publics. From the Definition of the Society of Business Ethics (SBE)

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