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Pre-Call Analysis
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  1. Referrer Comments: whoever directed you to the new customer, can be a good start point gathering data. Try to probe the referrer as much as you can to get maximal input. Yet, it is essential to remember there is always a possibility of bias whether with or against.
  2. Customer History Sheet: obtaining data about customer buying behavior and credit history with the company. As well as possible pending issues and problems. It gives also the output of the last call that should be dealt with as an input for the coming call.
  3. Office Location: Relevant industry specific locations partially reflects potentiality of prescriber. Subsequently gives you an idea about his ego and esteem needs.
  4. Office Fixture & Furniture: style & elegance of the office gives an idea about customer’s price orientation versus quality orientation.
  5. Indicative Signs: Signs, pictures and photography may give hints about the person. For example seeing religious or stream related signs will give you a good hint about possible makers and breakers. Same applies for academic signs, diplomas and awards.
  6. Assistant staff: opening a conversation channel with customer’s assistant staff can be one of the most fruitful tools when used properly and wisely. However, this should be used within the ethical framework unrelated to confidential data disclosure.


We obtain an out of pre call analysis usually through 5 steps. These are;

  1. Link matching inputs
  2. Justify conflicting inputs
  3. Compose the personal, psychological & professional profile of your customer
  4. Decide on your call objective
  5. Decide on the tactics you will use to reach this objectives in the light of your objective in balance with your analysis results.

Filtration Theory
Not every word directed to us, or every image we see during the day is taken as a serious matter by our brain. Words we hear, images we see, and even tactile stimuli are filtered by human brain and classified according to its importance. In which we can call a filter action of our minds. As our customer has this filter too, our goal will always be to pass his unconscious filters and store our information in his memory as a high value input. This metaphor can help us better understand different stages of the selling call in the coming section and the importance of each.


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