Negotiation as Fact of Life

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Negotiation of Political Disputes

  • In international political issues, negotiation does exist besides mediation, arbitration and military acts to resolve disputes. Political negotiations are not necessarily collaborative.
  • Political negotiation has a prominent role of negotiators’ charisma and hallo effect compared to business.
  • Psychological warfare has a potential impact and prominent role compared to business.

Negotiation in Personal Life

  • From marriage arrangements, to housing and car leasing, to family and friends issues & debates, we all live in an ongoing negotiations
  • Personal negotiation is less formal and more intuitive compared to business negotiations.
Tenders, Open-Bids & Auctions
  • Special kind of negotiation that relies mainly on competitors trends’ extrapolation and momentary situation assessment
  • Does not follow regular negotiation process steps.
Negotiation in Salesman Life
  • Every buyer wants a product of the highest quality, at the lowest price, delivered yesterday and packed with an indefinite credit term !
  • Every seller wants to sell his product at the highest possible price, next year delivery on cash-in-advance basis !
  • Negotiation role is to reach a modesty consensus.
Negotiation in Labor Market
  • As a professional businessman, you will always need to negotiate your salary, bonus, allowances, merits and increases…etc.
  • The higher your competencies, skills and track record, the better your BATNA you can develop and attain.
Yet, The Room for Negotiation is Highly Variable

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