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Professional Selling Versus Casual Selling
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To decide getting into a sales career is a major decision. However, more important is the style you will adopt while working in sales. Many people had started their career in field force to end it in the uppermost senior management positions. Others, worked in sales as far as they can physically afford it then retired to another job, usually not a very bright one. The decision is yours. Working in sales with a professional style qualifies you to a steady career path. While working in it with a casual style qualifies to the exact middle of nowhere!

Now, we can summarize at a glance the major differences between professional and casual selling;

  1. Casual selling Started with the start of mankind in the form of primitive bartering. Professional selling started in early 1920s. Today, sales training industry in the states is $18.9 industry
  2. Casual selling achieves by persuading customers. Professional selling achieves through satisfying customers’ needs
  3. Casual selling relies on intuition and ambition of the salesman. Professional selling relies on both as well as knowledge.
  4. Casual selling is based on self developed message & tools. Professional selling is based on marketing developed message & tools within a corporate framework.
  5. Casual selling has No or primitive organizational layout. Professional selling happens within an established organizational layout
  6. Casual selling is untargeted. Professional selling is target oriented.
  7. Casual selling is Non-prospective. While professional selling is

How to Go Pro?

You need to abide by 8 qualities to attain to professionalism in selling and maintain it. These are;

  1. Persistence: If there is a well there is a way, when we have a conforming willingness to achieve a goal, we usually accomplish it apart from any hindering forces that may block the passage.
  2. Knowledge: You can never sell what you don’t understand & always remember, we do not learn to know, we learn to put knowledge into action
  3. Discipline: An undisciplined man can achieve once or twice, while a disciplined man is an achiever by nature. Occasional spikes never attract attention to you, only steady and ongoing achievements gets you on the fast lane in your career.
  4. Self Development: it is the key to a healthy race between your assignments & capabilities. Develop yourself in order to be fulfilling not only your current assignment, but your next step in your career ladder.
  5. Strategic Compliance: You are a member in a team, a harmonious average performance sometimes is more fruitful to organization compared to an odd high performance that lies outside the framework of means in the broad strategy.
  6. Communication: Your efficient communication skills whether with customers, partners, bosses or beers is a key to your success in your sales career. Getting experienced in selling, you will be experienced with the results you can attain using your art of words.
  7. Commitment: Keep an eye on your target and have a faith in it to reach it. Once settled, targets become a business constant, that can only be changed under exceptional circumstances.
  8. Self- Analysis: Always analyze the results of your efforts, as effort by itself does not matter, transforming this effort into materialistic results is the core of business life.

Therefore, we can summarize the professionals salesman features in one statement as; Persistent, Knowledgeable, Disciplined, Self-Developer, Strategically-Compliant, Objective-driven, Committed and Self-Analyzer

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