Leadership Quotes

Hereunder are ten quotes, wherein, I bestowed years of organizational culture analysis. Wish you will find it helpful a way or another.
  1. Leaders are neither born nor made, they are the fruits of principals and causes.
  2. Let performers do their job in peace for God sake, as far as you are on a ride, never entertain yourself nailing your horse!!
  3. Leadership crisis does not happen when none is leading. Factually, it happens when everyone is leading, A car even with a sleeping driver is less liable than a car with four hands on a steering wheel.
  4. During the course of my life, I have seen companies wherein everyone offers you a different business card. Despite it seems a triviality, it has a major indicativeness about consistency of leadership.
  5. Managing a medium-sized firm differs from managing a small firm, only as being the president of Austria differs from being the president of Montenegro. Changing your procedures will never be enough, you need to change your philosophy and traits.
  6. Loosing the global vision in the middle of a snow storm, is the first step toward an iceberg.
  7. Experience is not years, it is the wisdom you squeeze out of years. Therefore, Quran says ‘Those who are gifted with wisdom, are affirmly granted an amble value’
  8. Two teammates are doing the same task. Means we have a suspecious manager on top. A leader welcoming everyone to do everything, will surely live a day when he will have to do everything himself.
  9. Before all, teamwork needs a firm leader, who can draw, apply and defend boundaries for each team member.
  10. Since Abel and Cain people were different. Never think you have the masterkey to everyone’s interest.

Quoted By: Eyad A. Harfoush


كلاكيت تانى وتانى said...

this post must refer to somthing but i gaveup to reach it i think leadership needs also some one has mind to feel and heart to think
its not easy but in aworld like this i think every one fell taht he is the one and dont think for amoment about how to be agood one
and forget
Quality versus Altisttih

كلاكيت تانى وتانى said...

Changing your procedures will never be enough, you need to change your philosophy and traits

I think that that sentence over what made me pause, maybe for me it holds a private key

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear كلاكيت تاني و تاني
You are surely right. Leadership needs a powerful mind and a flowless passion together. Leaders should be dedicated, optimist, and have faith to achieve. Thank you for the enriching comment. Regards

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear كلاكيت تاني و تاني
Surely every now and then we need to overlook our life and its broad philosophy. Be it work life, personal life, or even the virtual life we live here online. Chellenging one's norms was a one major difference distinguishing mankind. Ever seen a honeycomb cell other than a rectangle? No, because honeybees were not granted the power of self criticism. Regards

زكرياء said...

عزيزي د. اياد،
لكثرة اعجابي بما كتبت، طبعت هذه النقاط و علقتها على جدران غرفتي حتى اراها كل يوم .


Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

صديقي العزيز زكرياء
أهلا و سهلا بك، أوحشتنا زيارتك يا عزيزي، كلي سعادة و فخر بان أقوال رجل بسيط مثلي تشرفت بالمثول على جدران حجرتك، أسأل الله أن يجعلها لك مفيدة في أي أمر
مع تحياتي و تقديري و اعزازي

اجندا حمرا said...

عزيزي دكتور اياد

اشكرك علي هذه الأقوال الفريده من نوعها و اسمحلي حدخل كل شويه اقراهم لأنهم في غايه الأهميه و الافاده

تحياتي ليك دكتور اياد و بتمنالك التوفيق

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزتي أجندا
كلي سعادة بتشريفك و بأن هذه الرؤى البسيطة التي تكونت عبر سنوات العمل قد حازت اعجابك
تحياتي و شكري للتشجيع