Remotely Support Reform (RSR)

To: All Egyptians living abroad,

Dear brothers and sisters abroad, I know you have been dreaming of political change to be initiated in homeland, therefore social reform will follow, and your agony upon reading press or watching news about what is going on here will decline. The good news is, being outside Egypt doesn't mean you can not contribute to the evolving movements in the Egyptian street. Yes, you can. Hereunder some ideas, nonetheless, I know you can come up with better ideas in accordance to your conditions and the norms of the place where you are.
  • You can agree with all the Egyptians you know in the city where you live to meet on the weekend, and demonstrate in a public place for couple of hours, raising quotes that support political reform in Egypt and urge the free world to support constitutional reform streams in its honorable cause.
  • You can submit your comments supporting constitutional reform to your favorite press magazine, online newspaper ...etc.
  • You can interfere with a phone call in whatever TV program that can be directly or indiretly lead you to voice your support to reform.
  • Employ whatever communication media you can access to express your support to constitutional reform and your fears from the current chaotic political and social life.
Dears, through this you will be helping us inside Egypt big time, and you shall abolish any feeling of negativity and nehlism that might tingle in your hearts in the future if you just did not give a damn in such a boiling situation. I am sure you will do your best if you are convinced, so please try to be.

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