Cruel Tuesday, a Decrepit Dictator Reveals His Ugly Face

Today, in Tahrir square located at Cairo downtown area, such a place that witnessed many of Egyptian nonviolent struggles against autocracy since 70s and until today, impeccable young blood was shed again, to feed the lust of land that seems to have unending strive for blood of its own flesh. 6th of April movement is a casual youth fraternity born in 06/04/2008 through an initiative of Israa Abdel-Fattah, who lead a 40,000 citizens strike through a facebook cause. Such an act that turned Mubarak regime agitated enough, not only to capture the initiator, but also to unleash a punch of price increases and new taxations, tailored to debilitate the social class that fathered Israa. Today, with the evolution of activism in Egyptian street, supporting constitutional reform cause of Mohamed ElBaradei, the former Director General of IAEA, the movement called for a demonstration and a parade marching from Tahrir square to the nearby National Assembly residence to support his widely popular cause.

Eye witnesses had saw police forces gathering in downtown area as early as 7:30 AM. Few hours later, and while young participants were hardly starting to aggregate around 11:00 AM, some of them putting-on white shirts with ElBaradei motto printed over, floods of police soldiers started to literally crushing them. When I arrived their one hour later, demonstrators were already dispersed into small groups here and there. Despite the trials of police forces to capture journalists and damage their cameras, videos and images of today's misery are everywhere today over the net. Thence, I am not planning to describe the violence with words that will never outweigh live scenes. It is quite enough to say that the day fathered 94 demonstrators arrested and more than 40 wounded and badly hit.

Nonetheless, I wanted to make deeper highlights on the tragedy from the standpoint of a former activist who has been latent for more than ten years, before he decides to be back to streets with the evolving reform, those are;

- Degree of violence was entirely disproportionate to the event. This is usually a sign of a dying dictatorship. Therefore, bad news sometimes has its good aspects too. Shall Obama administration keep supporting the 83 years old dictator? They are then backing a looser and they will feel reproach for it not less than what Carter administration felt upon Iran revolution in 1979.

- The stamina of 6th of April activists was inspiring, even when gathered in Hisham Mubarak center for human rights advocacy after it, they were not desperate or damaged. Their moral remained high in general; even young ladies with wounds and bruises were smiling and exchanging jokes about some funny incidents. Young men were more ambitious for a next run of confrontation with the fading regime.

- Control room instructions to 6th of April activists at around 2:00 PM in Hisham Mubarak center, directing them to integrate with another demonstration in lawyers syndicate was a nonsense step. First, the cause of the lawyers was all about Jerusalem and the undermining of Aqsa. Also it was a poor demonstration encircled with national security forces numbering three folds the number of lawyers.

- The sole gate of the building wherein the advocacy center lies in the 5th floor was blocked for a short while by a couple of police agents in civil costume. It took only handing 50 L.E. to one of them to let me pass untouched throughout this primitive siege. Comic fact when we remember we are talking about political security soldiers. Poverty and values deterioration killed any competent operation around in Egypt.

- If ElBaradei and the National Assembly for Change members who are public figures were around today, this would have added a lot to their cause, relatively protected the young calibers and gave harder time to Mubarak regime.

- Having more than 90 citizens under arrest, the coming days should witness severe pressure on Mubarak regime to release them. Otherwise, the lesson he wanted to deliver to Egyptians will be efficient and an additional layer of fear will be composed over their guts. The dirty victory achieved today by that vanishing regime should not last more than hours; otherwise, it will father more harsh oppressions, possibly with causalities next time.

This is what I can recall now after a long hassling day. Maybe later other points will follow.


Image from: http://yalally.blogspot.com/

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