Mubarak the Pétainist .. Nasrallah the DeGaulist

Today, it wasn't the first time for the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to congratulate Israel in a letter to Shimon Peres on the so called " 62nd Independence Day", only against the will and interest of most of his nation. To the vast majority of Egyptians, this day is a tragedy wherein Palestine was officially fallen. Being a repeated act does not necessarily mean it was not the most painful to the entire Arab world, taking in consideration the concurrent happenings and acts to this letter, these are;

  1. Israeli destructive excavations under Al-Aqsa mosque is continued, including news about underground metro line in Jerusalem that passes under the mosque.
  2. The controversial steel wall on the borders, which is ghettoizing Gaza and Palestinians more and more is almost done.
  3. Ahram official newspaper in Saturday 17th of April had almost praised Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, naming him "Superman" on the occasion of assassinating the Iranian nuclear scientist; Massoud Ali Mohammadi.
  4. Mubarak system is practicing ongoing oppression against political reform activists, including proven cases of torture since 06-04-2010. A contrast that builds an image of regime that is harsh internally and ultra soft externally.
Mubarak used to refer to Hezbollah resistant acts to be jeopardizing Lebanese people welfare and safety. His words were typically used once in the first half of twentieth century. Henri Philippe Petain, who was one day named Marshal of France upon his outstanding military achievements in Word War I, had became the elected Chief of State at the age of 84 in 1940, when the French Parliament members thought he will revitalize France as a national hero after the defeat against Nazi battalions. They realized how wrong they were when the old marshal transformed France into a dwarfed state headed by a dictator (Petain himself) who has became deeply allied with Nazi forces, and oppressed Free French Forces activists and supporters with extreme violence to please his German masters. It was then when he used to claim that Free French Forces movement founded by Charlles de Gaulle is a losser movement destined to failure, and that is jepardizing French people safety and welfare. Nazi forces as well as Petaine were using the term terrorists and violence groups to refer to Free French Forces.

By end of the war, Charlles de Gaulle was in cabinet as chief of state in the liberated France, while Marshal Petain, who used before to be proud of his military achievements including battle of Verdun, had to stand before a court of law, and listen to his judges stating him to be guilty with treason, and deciding his death sentence for it. It was then when De Gaulle reduced the penalty to lifetime prison. Now, what can we get out of this historical algorithm? I believe we get the following;
  1. The hero of World War I has sold out his cause and his country in the World War II when he was in his 80s. Thence, Mubarak being a hero figure in 1973 war as head of air forces does not undermine the fact he let down all our national values including resistance to Zionism plans in Middle East.
  2. Among defeated nations, resistance figures are called terrorists and accused for altering with their own nation's welfare and safety. Nonetheless, later on, they take the glory they deserved in the book of times, while there opponents suffer treason accusations. Therefore, one day Hassan Nasrullah will be called one day the man who stood against Zionism while Mubarak, Abdullah of Saudi and Abdullah of Jordan will face hard time before the court of history.
  3. Petainism became a symbol of defeat and negativism, while DeGaullism became a symbol of national pride and societal orientation. Maybe one day, Mubarak and Nasrullah name will be symbolizing some meanings.


    Anonymous said...

    Dear Eyad,

    Do u know that Song " What a shame!"???
    it sounds loud here ...

    "What a shame...
    what a shame...
    to live a life that u can't change
    what a shame...
    what a shame ...
    to have to beg u...
    to see we are not all the same"

    Although The meaning of the song is quite different (Shinedown means condolence) But... Really What a shame !

    Anonymous said...

    by the way,
    It may be Mubarak's 1st time.. But it was the 2nd time officially.

    Last year, the egyptian embassay held a ceremony to celebrate this occasion with famous Israeli public figures

    And the cake served was designed in a form of 2 flags.. The Egyptian & the israeli !

    Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

    Dear Anonymous
    Yes dear, he did for two years before, but my first time to know about the cake thing :)) yaah what a sophisticated way to be son of bitches those guys are really creative in treason !!!!