Goodbye Lionheart

I don't factually know if King Richard I of England, known as Richard Lionheart possessed the same iconic value in the minds of British street-man as he did among Egyptians or not. Thanks to the historical masterpiece of the deceased Youssef Jaheen, Nasser Saladin, which coined Richard as the European Middle Ages noble knight and commander, despite the fact he led the third crusade against Arab land, based on his later peace treaty with Sultan Saladin. Likely this image in the back of my mind was the major drive to frame the British member of parliament and anti-war activist George Galloway as George Lionheart, briefing my impression about him as an honorable person and a man who stands for what he believes to the fullest extent and on whatever level of opposition.

Following on his widely aired standpoints about events, movements and streams in our region over the past few years starting from 2006, I can say my own views to be identical to his. Those views were always centered around distinguishing freedom fighters from terrorists, and I can summarize as;
  1. Standing sharply against the devilish growing power and network of neo-conservatism, Zionism, religious fundamentalism and rightest extremism. From Safari club to New World foundation, leaving alone all the small adhocratic alliances here and there around the globe.
  2. His solid belief in socialism, and his pro- Soviet Union views, based on understanding the drawbacks of the unipolar world on the rights of the poor and non-privileged nations as well as individuals worldwide.
  3. Fully supporting Hezbollah as freedom warriors who had never conducted anti-civilians acts.
  4. Fully supporting Syrian regime in his relatively stably conservative attitude toward peace treaties as far as Golan is occupied.
  5. Supporting Hammas as freedom warriors too, nonetheless, conserving their flaws in conducting anti-civilian operations as well as their political ambitions, specially knowing their attachment to semi-international fraternity of Muslim Brotherhood. That has been over ages linked to the devilish forces listed here above, in spite of the current dispute in Palestine.
  6. Understanding the Iranian right to hold power and work on it, keeping concerns on their semi-theocratic state.
  7. Holding no warm feelings at all toward the Egyptian, Saudi and Jordanian current regimes, known for their Anglo-American affinity on the expense of their own nations' interest and beliefs.
Today, as Egyptian regime decided to deport Mr. Galloway to London upon his arrival back from Gaza strip, only as a revenge against his anti-fence demonstrations, and to forbid him from entering Egypt again (as far as the current regime is in place), I had to write few words to such an inspiring man who possess values and beliefs unlike the majority of the hemisphere he lived in, saying;

O' Gorge Lionheart, among the few real socialists left alive in this country, I assure you non but believes, respects and admires you and your stands against the forces making up our tragedy of life today. You were deported from our land against our well, and only as you said, deportation by a dictatorship is a feather on your head, but you are now even more engraved than ever before. Even before the confessions of Mazhar Mahmud were published, non of the men who understand the reality of the game had ever doubted your integrity and clarity of purpose and consciousness. Stay closely afar. My Best Regards Sir.


Arabic ID said...

Dear Eyad

I don't like this galaway, for no specific reason, and his stand against the Egyptian government doesn't affect my situation negatively or positively, it is just inner feeling regarding him.

review this news and tell me your opinion:


Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Arabic ID
I consider poet's feelings toward people. Nonetheless, for him he stands as one of few votes supporting freedom fighters.

I read the article u sent the link for. Yes dear, very true Palestinians rely on Israeli projects as the major source of income to make a life. Expected :) This is why I am being conservative always towards Hammas not to be very pro. I believe they do a bad job compared to Hezbollah for instance. Nontheless, I still never see them as terrorists.

Arabic ID said...

I agree totally with you.

Anonymous said...

persona non grata