Code of Honor

of the Egyptian Intellectual Elite (CHEIE)

Why We Need Such a Code
Throughout the past few decades, an unbiased observer can visualize the Egyptian political and economic dynamics to qualify for what we call the Egyptian Dark Age. During this era, cultural deterioration, together with economic decline and disruption were very enough to collapse the legal order of the Egyptian regime. Hereunder, we shall list some drives through which, this regime led us to the middle of no where;
  1. Economic decline resulting from random liquidation of Egyptian public sector. While the private sector is still immature to lead the economy. Such policy resulted in an increasing unemployment rate, stunted GDP as well as increasing inflation rate. Having these three wheels moving altogether, even a minimal level of social justice became unattainable.
  2. Breeding and promoting a consumption pattern that most of us can never afford. Thence, an increasing gap between needs and means made moral deterioration an inevitable outcome. Ending now in a state wherein corruption is no more exceptional.
  3. Backward leap in religious diversity tolerance among Muslims and Christians. This was the result of immature handling of primary conflicts and the fruit of unjust bureaucratic regulations.
  4. Fading out the role of Egypt in the regional as well as international political gallop. This was the sour fruit of fellowship relation with The United States, and also the focus on controlling opposition movements inside other than international mainstreams.
  5. Deformed political life and democratic practices that reached climax in 2007 constitutional reform. Resulting in the unprecedented articles no. 76, 77 and 88. On which Mubarak regime capitalized to limit presidential election opportunity between Mubarak and his son… Fair enough?
Today, and while Egyptian street witnesses a promising deep stream, started in 2007 with syndicates and youth movements, took a clear form with the suggestion of a transient supreme council to lead the country in a constitutional reform period of 2 years, it was launched by Haikal in 2009. Finally it evolved like never before in the recent decades into a state of ambition to real change with arrival of ElBaradei last month. Egyptians believed the man, not only being trustful, but also they miss this feeling. For years they had to tolerate the hill of NDP and its Royal Family as will as the fake opposition parties. The collective conscious of Egyptians had comprehended well with opposition models like those of Muslim Brotherhood, Wafd and Tagamoua that when an opposition plays with the dictatorship according to his very own rules, then it is a part of his dictatorship decoration.

What is our Code All about?
In march
2010, National Security forces arrested an activist supporting ElBaradei, Dr. Taha Abdel-Tawwab. The innocent activist was a subject of severe torture by an NS officer, thence he had to announce an absolute hunger strike until this officer is transferred to investigation in front of a court of law. It took him 5 days of fasting and he was about to die honorably when he got what he wanted and the coward went to the court. Now, Taha did this alone. The system wanted to freak us out, but Taha freaked them back. Now it is time we say; we shall not allow another Egyptian activist to suffer in solitude. Accordingly, we the hereunder listed writers, journalists, artists, scientists and academic Egyptians, declare our consensus and support to the following code as a personal oath and code of honor;
  • On my honor as a human, an Egyptian and a person who is committed to the holiness of knowledge, I shall support the seven point's declaration of democratic reform no matter what obstacles I will face throughout the road On my honor I will dedicate myself and sacrifice any personal welfare or interest to support any Egyptian who faces oppression from the current system on the background of his support to political reform in a civil way. My support includes adopting the protest method that suits the level of persecution he faced
  • On my honor I will do my best to widespread the voice of my mates in reform as well as and supporting citizens both internally and externally, to get a maximal focus on our common cause until we achieve liberal state and real democracy in this country or we die trying
  • On my honor I will collaborate to make sure any devilish creature who shares the crime of torturing and humiliating an Egyptian citizen faces a court of law someday. Today or tomorrow or after decades he should meet his fair destiny
  • On my honor I will be ready to share in strikes, demonstrations and hunger strikes as well as any other nonviolent resistance mean I will be called for in response to cases of terrorizing or torturing change activists and citizens
God be my witness... God help me keep my word of honor

For Egyptians who wants to join the code they can sign in by commenting with their tertiary name, national ID number and job. For non-Egyptians who want to support the cause they can sign in with their full name, ID number and nationality

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