Baradei Phenomenon

What is very unique about Mr. Muhammad ElBaradei? The former General Director of IAEA? Is it only being an Egyptian Noble prize holder and a man of a senior UN position? We have several Egyptians earned Noble before in different fields, and also we have some figures with senior international posts. Is it being a possible candidate for presidency of Egypt in 2011? He is not so far. Simply because he is not fit under the constitutional article No. 76 that limits candidacy to members of supreme board of parties represented in the National Assembly 1 year before elections in November 2011, such a fishy article that was passed in silence in 2007. Is it only he is talking about the necessity of an overall political and constitutional reform? All the activists and politicians around were saying the same all time and no body gave a care to this but intellectual elite. Then, what is phenomenal about the man to be welcomed in Airport by around 3000 Egyptians from university students to street-men (me included) to intellectual elite? And to have Mubarak looks that paranoid when asked about him in a press conference in Germany? I believe what is phenomenal about him was his FAITH

Since Nasser was deceased in 1970, our figureheads were catastrophically poor in terms of both charisma and moral contest. Sadat (1970-1981) followed by Mubarak until now were employing a pragmatic political speech resembling that of the neocolonialists in USA, with one major difference, being in the colony standpoint not the empire one. Absolute subordination was the common talk of both men who did not have enough faith in their own and their nation's capabilities. ElBaradei - unlike Nasser- is hardly a social liberalist and will surely never adopt an anti-colonialism style if he became the president. Nonetheless, the man have faith in possibility of mutational change and in his capability to be active part of it. Such a faith is something everyone in the Egyptian soiety is missing. Desperation was a dominant tone among Egyptians over the past 10 years more than ever before, the geriatric style of Mubarak had surely aggravated this desperate tone. Make a survey about common public beliefs in the Egyptian street and you will have the great majority believe in the following:

  1. Government is all corrupted from top downward.
  2. Power inheritance is a normal destiny, and it might be even better than other options.
  3. Alliance between government and opportunistic capitalism is another destiny. You will find people saying overtly "It is their country and they can do whatever they wish".
  4. Political contribution by voting in elections is nonsense as "they" will get whoever they wish.
The matter then can be summarized as a majority of helpless Egyptians at one side, and "them" on the other side with absolute power and "they" have it all. When someone has this concept about his homeland he must be a victim of a Middle Ages regimen no matter what. ElBaradei, with his own personal CV, and choosing a very right time wherein local political streams seems helpless with the increasing power of Jamal Mubarak, tackling these issues with a big belief in what can be done, offered to Egyptians a most desired dish of HOPE. Thence he got people framing him as their own hope himself.. and this is how usually a hero is born. This is why all Egyptians were mesmerized in front of TVs watching him with Mona Shazly last week. A fact that did not happen since 60s with Nasser, and was very alarming to the current regime. This is why I believe it was not very political of Mubarak to speak about the man that lightly in the press conference, such an answer that added to ElBaradei and depleted Mubarak's image is the power keeper.

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