A Visit to Iraqi Kurdistan

Toward a Road Map that is Hidden Agenda-Free

I had a gratifying expedience to visit Iraqi Kurdistan during a business trip, throughout which I had a relatively embellished opportunity to materialize factuality and get encompassed with realities of Kurdistan region particularly and Iraqi affairs collectively. Benchmarked on the insights I had from readings and outside brooding, I had some of my previous assumptions confirmed and many others altered and changed.

Asserted Contentions:

  • The inflammation on Iraq ground now, while being conducted through Iraqi hands, is highly curried, supported and financed by exterior forces, US, Saudi Arabia, and Iran being on top of the list. While the internal conflict benefits the states through exhausting the Iraqi bullets into Iraqi flesh, in the stead of using it to resist occupation. For Iran, Iraqi land became the soft belly wherein they can agonize Americans to decrease the international pressures resulting from the Iranian nuclear activities. Moreover, the foundation of a Shiites' state alongside the west shores of Iran will offer a strategic friendly horizon. Finally the Saud family worst dream has been always to see the Eastern zone Shiites revolting and dominating over the oil rich zone of the kingdom. Foundation of a Shiites' state in Iraq will be a triggering and a supportive element to the Shiites tribes in Saudi, who suffers oppression despite the whole kingdom is financed through the oil in their territories.
  • Ethnic, political and religious figureheads and barons are the inflaming fuel of the masses, each for his very own agenda of ambitions and glories. The political breach now in Iraq is overwhelming the local leaders to seek boundary spanning. For the simple man in the streets, like everywhere in the world, he is seeking security and basic needs’ satiation for his family and himself. Nonetheless, he can not help being a part of the uproar whenever his herd is altered, as explained by the herd leader, only as well as evey simple man in the world too.
  • Whatever is going-on is a common blameworthiness for both Saddam and Baath regimen on one hand and USA with the rightist gang on the other hand. While Saddam system sinned ignoring and inhibiting the diversity of a harlequin society, harboring different ethnicities, Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen and Assyrian. Plus a diversified religious profile including Shiites, Sunnites, Chaldean Catholics, Syriac Orthodox and minorities of Mandaeism, Baha’ais, Shabak and Yezidism also exists. Absolute ignorance of such a highly diversity together with oppressions being drove by the ethnic and religious belonging of Saddam, who was an Arab and Sunnite, amplified the gap of mistrust between the mosaic elements, and inflamed hatred among individuals as well as groups. When the US blinded tirade broke the oppression bung with the fallen Ba’ath regimen, without even knowing enough about the mosaic composition of the nation, they granted an opportunity to both hatred and influence lust to unleash its evils, resulting in the cloudy blood bath we all see today.
  • While I grasp the motives of the initial coalition between Peshmerga and US invasion forces in 2003, a thing that gathered PUK and KDP forces to work together, maybe for the first time in their history, my trip did not give me any justification to the extended alliance with the invasion army of USA. Letting go of a totalitarian through a coalition with an invader with his eyes kept on the national wealth of Iraq, I do not see as a good move politically, leave alone its ethical constrains.

Altered Contentions:

  • Kurds represented in some of their intellectual elite are showing limited interest in furthering the self-governance autonomy they have today into an independent state. This altered my previous belief of the Kurdish everlasting strive for a pan-Kurdish state. However, this is not necessarily reflecting the standpoint of Kurdish masses. Elite is elite, and if mankind followed the knowledgeable elites pathways from Socrates down to the present time, life would have been very different.
  • The pleasurable feeling I had among the Kurdish partners over there exceeded my apprehensions; it turned the talks about Kurdish allergy and prejudicial antipathy toward Arabs to be blasphemous. I witnessed a genuine hospitality and embracing attitude that goes beyond the business protocols to express an outgoing extroverted personality of the Kurds. Apart from our friends there, walking in the streets, talking to people in Arabic, I felt no xenophobic manner at all. I am sure there must be some ethnic zealots, like everywhere in the world, nonetheless, I can affirm they are not the masses of Kurds.
  • The security and normal life flow in Kurdistan, apart from the troubles in the middle zone and the tension in the south exceeded my expectations and turned any cautions we through about before the trip to be meaningless.
  • Swayed by the views of Peshmerga militias, I was prepared to meet fundamentalist Shafi’i Sunnites, this was the most false expectation I had. Kurdistan is a country that is well prepared through its intellectual elite to be a secular state.
  • The level of dedication of Kurdish youth to their self-governed region was surprisingly high. The degree of eagerness with which the traffic police and the security forces operates shows something beyond fulfilling a duty, it can be only expressed as categorical loyalty.

However, this should not at all distract us from the urging risk of extended civil war in Iraq, a thing that will limit the chances of one unified Iraq, giving a wider room for tribalists and communalists to seed more and more hatred very deep in the masses. While coming back from my visit to Iraq, I found my head exploring the possible actions that can represent a road map out of today's maze, something that can be cnducted if, and only if, someone overthere is still caring for unity more than personal agendas. I found myself fantasizing about a new Iraq, under a slogan of "Prosperous Unity...Esteemed Diversity". A scenario that capitalizes more and more on the intellectual, civilian and business elite more than the conventional tribal and religious leaders who took Iraq to what it is today.


Amre El-Abyad said...

Listen to what the leaders of the Irqi resitance have to say about the dity treacherous role of the IRAN which is more dangerous and more ferocious than the American occupation.


EmY said...

في انتظار رجوعك بالسلامه و كتابات جديده

خصوصا وصف لرحلتك في العراق و ايه التغير الي حصل و اوضاع الناس

تحياتي و احترامي

Amre El-Abyad said...

I ma sorry to tell you this, but everything in your article is factually wrong.

What is really funny about your article is that we discussed every single point in it before, and eventually you had no choice but to quit the argument for it is clear that your ( undecalred) shiite belief in addition to some other subjective matters are blurring your fair and objective judgment.

Anyway here we go again:

First of all there is not sectarian strife in Iraq, but rather, a an ethnic one between the Iranian -Iraqis who were deported to Iran during the inception of the Iraqi war of defence against the khomeinist terror. These groups include the Badr elemnts who are totally Iranised and include Iranian elemnts.
they also include the Da3wah partuy ( iraqi unlike the badr) which is a retarded funadamenbtalist shiite parrty whichg had no plave in the progressive Iraq.

Regarding other monirties like Assyrians and Turcomans. Well Tarek Aziz the second man in the stae was Assyrian. And Turcpomanic rights were fully respected .

Iraq was the best stae in the entire Arab/ Muslim sphere in terms of religous and freedoms and individual liberties as well as sovereignty of the law, except for issues regarding Iran which was posing anm existential threat to Iraq.

Thirdly you can not eqiuaute Saudi arabia with Iran here.


Arabs including Egypt could resist American pressures. But that is totally different issue from actually ethnically cleansing arab population and pushing one million DIRTY IRANIAN TO SETTLE IN THE SOUTH.



Amre El-Abyad said...

As regards Kurds, Well, Kurds in Iraq were the most empowered Kurdish minority in the entire Middle East. They had relative autonomy since the seventies; and compared to the situation of Kurds in Syria, Turkey, or the medieval terroristic dirty Iran, they were living in very satisfactory conditions. Saddam Hussein imposed the teaching of the Kurdish language in all Iraqi school; he built a university in Sulameniyah where Kurdish was the teaching language. Yet a faction of the Kurds opted to collaborate with the Iranian enemy during the Arab-Iranian war as in 1988 they infiltrated some Iranian special forces into the Iraqi territories ( Halbja) Hence all possible means had to be used , especially that the Iranian hordes were flooding the south which posed an existential threat to the state. Just think of how the US would have responded to a hypothetical Mexican attack in 1943, or the British to an Irish invading force in1941.

What is worse, it had been well documented, well known ( there is consensus on that, unless maybe you have an alternative realm of fact which no one else knows about) that Kurds had been collaborating with Mossad, and they are known to be very sympathetic with Israelians.

At the moment there is considerable ISRAELI PRESENCE N KURDISTAN where Israeli intelligence is collaborating with the IRANIAN ONE in terminating the entire Iraqi scientific base so as to make sure that this country won’t rise again and pose threats to the Iranian-Israeli hegemony in the Middle-East.

Amre El-Abyad said...

I cant deny that there had been abuse of power on behalf of sadam’s sons and family members, but it was only those who were entitled to go so far.

Apart of politics, however, Iraq was state of efficient institutions and full sovereignty of the law. As far as human rights are concerned, the regime was doing very well, just scrutinize the state of the following aspects of human rights: women rights, criminal justice, citizen security, child labour……etc.

It is worth mentioning here that most of those killed by Saddam were rebels who raised arms against their own country while it was going through a brutal survival war! The majority of them were IRANIAN/ IRAQIS WHO ARE ONLY 2 0R 3 % OF THE SHIITE POPULATION IN IRAQ, VET IT WAS THOSE THAT WERE ARMED BY THE DIRTY CRIMINAL IRAN AND THE OCCUPYING US FORCED TO TERRORIZE AND DISMANTLE THE GREAT COUNTRY.
the overall picture of the regime was brilliant….Iraq was scoring very high points in terms of human development and technological growth…..

you know it took Europe 400 years to become “democratic” the way it is defined in Anglo-Saxon world….Besides, who the hell gave The US the right to decide that Democracy is the best system? and, even if it was, why should it be the US that decides who is democratic and who is not, and what’s more, suppose a regime is dictator by consensus of the entire nations on earth( a far fetched hypothetical) who gave the U.S any right to take any action about that…

we have also to take into consideration that THE ARAB world is an entity with its own alternative civilization, mindsets, and ethical codes.

The U.S has to understand that it is just a country like another one in this world.

Amre El-Abyad said...

On the dirty role of the Iranian Mullahs:

One thing I think you should include in your insightful, compact analysis which is why do the Iranians view Israel as an enemy?

From my personal experience which can only serve as a clue, Iranians hate Arabs more than Israelians! Many indicators refer to the overwhelming unpopularity of the Iranian Malalis inside Iran. And that definitely makes perfect sense, as at an ultimate level of analysis, there are no fundamental problems between Israel and Iran

The Iranians are safe far away from Israel- while they entertain by making childlike threats. They are driven by age myths of which the bulk of population are growing weary.

By erecting an illusionary Israeli enemy they tickle the strong nationalistic feelings among the Persian barbers. In the mean time, they draw an ace in their game with Imperial powers. For by their pseudo support of Arab causes and Palestinians they turn into key players in the Middle East after having been spitted out of the region by the real supporters of Palestinians Nasser and Sad am.

Non the less to be fair and square I do admit that balanced strong oil rich modern Islamic i.e. non western by definition country like Iran would severely affect international oil markets. They have a problem with the U.S- no doubt about that. But don’t forget that Israel is not a banana republic

Israel destroyed Iraq’s Nuclear reactor in 1981, assassinated el-Mashad killed the German experts working in Egypt in the sixties. the Arab industrialization organization and Egyptian military industries which are far more advanced than the Iran’s are subjected to real severe pressure. Remember the

If Israel had taken Najad’s mystical revelations seriously, she wouldn’t have left a single Irani industrial complex intact. And they are capable of doing it. (don’t invoke Hezbollah here, because it is totally irrelevant).

I also suggest that you check Mohamed Apathy’s the deputy of Mohamed Khatemy statements in UAE strategic studies centre. He mentioned that invading Baghdad without Iran’s help would have been impossible- while he complained about the American ingratitude..

One of the main reasons behind the sectarian strife in Iraq, is the one million Iraqis pushed back into Iraq by Iran after the invasion after having been expelled in seventies and eighties for collaborating with the enemy and having Persian lineage. Hakim and sons..ltd and their traitor Badr elements are the facade of new Persian Iraqis ruling the south.
You would be surprised to know that In Basra all Iraqi official document and application forms are in Persian and in most local govt employees are Iranians. That in turn has infuriated the patriots, the rest of the Shiite population was helpless

It was the Iranian “sis any” who speaks Arabic with Persian accent and boasts of his Persian lineage that issued a “fatwa” not to resist the occupation.
I have nothing against Shiites. Iraq was a secular country with no difference between Shiite and Sunnis. Shiites could reach highest posts in Iraq so long as they take up a secular stance and condemn the enemies of their countries Khomeini and Iranians

Shiite Sunni thing is primarily an Iranian invention to dig a wedge in Iraqi society during their war of aggression against Iraq. Sectarianism was instrumental for Americans in deconstructing Iraqi institutions. Iranian American collaboration in 2002and 2003 is well documented and well known. However, Iranians resisted American plans to secularize Iraq.
At the present Iran is using its influence in Iraq to increase the destabilisation of Iraq, in order to deter Americans from attacking Iran.

The only way to save Iraq is to cut the hands of Iran off Iraq.

Amre El-Abyad said...

Now, we come to the final point regarding Iraq.

Finally one has to take the hats off to the gallant Iraqi resistance. First they stood up against a “ 30 countries invasion in 1990. Then for 13 years they had been subjected to a brutal genocidal siege where one million Iraqi died. Their infrastructure and military targets were being bombarded day and night since 1990.

Finally they stood alone to an American invasion which was using the full might of the American military, and resisted bravely for 21 days where the Americans were forced to use neutron bombs and downgrade NUCLEAR BOMBS IN THE AERO- PLANE BATTLE.

Following the invasion, Iraq was invaded again with Iranian dirty hordes.

However against all odds, the Iraqi resistance- which is going against the full American might in addition to the occupation troops of another 15 COUNTRIES, and is FIGHTING THE DIRTY IRANIAN INTELLIGENCE ELEMENTS, IRANI DEATH SQUADS, AND IRANIAN COLLABORATORS- HAVE MANAGED TO PUT THE AMERICAN ARMY IN THE Biggest mess in its entire history.


What is really amazing here is that no power ever is providing patronage for the Iraqi resistance; UNLIKE THE VIETNAMESE FIGHTERS WHO WAS A COUNTRY OF 80 MILLIONS SUPPORTED BY RUSSIA AND CHINA AS WELL AS THE ENTIRE THIRD WORLD.

It is also important to add that the Americans only invaded South Vietnam while North Vietnam was a fully sovereign state backing vehemently the Vit-Kong rebels of South Vietnam.

On the other hand, look at the dirty Iran where some retarded farting black turbaned dirty, cockroash-like demagogues like Ali-Khomeini, Mohamed Khatamy and Ahmadi Naiad are ethnically cleansing Arabs in collaboration with he Israel and the US, yet they maliciously and cunningly sell themselves to the unconscious ill-informed Arab masses as an anti-imperial power.


Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Amre,
When you start your allegations with a statement saying "it is clear that your ( undecalred) shiite belief in addition to some other subjective matters are blurring your fair and objective judgment" do not expect me to take the bother continue reading or commenting. Being Shiite is not a shame to hide, however, I am not, my stream is Hanafi Sunnet in Fekh, then as notions I deny that Islam knows something called Shitte or Sunnet. Afterall, i never hold a conversation with whoever trying to claim he knows what people believes, this is not better by any mean than Mullas and Qaida manners. Bye

Amre El-Abyad said...

No offence dude! you are good guy whom I appreciate so much. I admit that I was carried away. But I get very passionate when I remeber the Iranian crimes commited In Iraq

بقدر المعزة بقدر العتاب

Thereore I expect you to side with with Egypt, Arabism and the future of our civilsation.

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Amre,
It is ok man, you know to I respect and like you afar from our disagreement in the Iranian matter, and I agree they do sin in Iraq, but not alone, USA and Saudi system share with them the stakes over the dead bodies of Iraqi children. Best Regards