Hormonal Tango

Love & Mysterious Brain Chemistry
During a visit to Moments blog, I read a post Shereen wrote, about her adoration to the moon, despite of her knowing sciences had revealed it as a stony surface full of ugly pores. The idea of the post triggered me to write about the concept of life and life truth. The life as we knew it, lived it and used to it, versus the life facts as revealed by scientific researches.
How can we balance between life and life truth, therefore we live knowledgeably, yet happily?
Today I will start with the popular subject. Love and its chemistry. Yes chemistry, in the past we said "it takes two to tango" now maybe we shall say, "it takes hormones to tango". Go on and you shall see, how science translated to us, all what we thought one day to be merely spiritual

  1. Recent researches proved the common idea about sweet words and how it creates love to be factious. The very first 90 seconds to 4 minutes of your interview with her/him is the major ignition that marks someone as pass or not pass. This relies mainly on the body language constituting of 55% of the whole thing. 38% on your voice and manners, and only 7% on what you say. So, sweet words helps minimally to earn others hearts. Whoever said that first impresions last was very true.
  2. Excitement upon seeing your beloved one happens through Adrenaline, that flushes your face and speed-up your heart rate. Also makes you energetic enough to do things and perform like never when you are alone. I remember one day, under the vision of a beloved one in the old days, I managed to beat the wrestling machines in the park. This is not my usual at all
  3. Highness experienced when you spend time with your beloved one is mediated by Serotonin that accumulates in your blood to feel elated. Needless to mention that Prozac, called one day "drug of happiness" in USA is classified as "Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor" (SRI). Love does this on its own with no extrinsic material needed.
  4. Ever missed her/him like crazy? It is the Dopamine dear. It is dopamine, which creates our attachment to someone, and feeling that we miss him/her. This dopaimnirgic effect plus the serotonin elating effect, we define both as "falling in love" with someone. When you do not only feel happy with him /her, but you can not feel so without him/her. Anti-dopamine drugs were proven clinically to decrease the lust feeling toward our special ones.
  5. After sexual orgasm, Oxytocin floods in blood, giving pleasure and relaxation at a time. It is the same hormone of motherhood. The one attaches the newborn and his beloved mummy together. Yes, the feeling of intimacy after sexual episode and the motherhood feelings has the same father hormone mediator.
  6. Vasopressin is the hormone of harmony. When you consort in peace with someone for long time, your body links seeing this person to increase production of vasopressin, a hormone that mediates relaxation and comfort feeling. This is what happens usually to husbands and wives after years and years of a common life. A complex form of acclimatization, even without loving one another, the vasopressin gives them both a comfortable feeling when they are together. I think ladies might consider making a memorial statue of this hormone. It is the one keeping the wandering him at home by the end of the day.
  7. Love induction among human beings were applied in a clinical trial involved 34 volunteers, out of them, in more than 70% of cases they felt something toward each other. 4 cases ended in marriage! The trial aimed to prove that relatively suitable men and women when placed together under favorable conditions are highly likely to end loving each other. Never blame yourself if you felt attracted to someone like a classmate or a colleague. To feel is not a sin, only when you start to manifest, you should observe the rights of others and your own situation and obligations.

Shall this mean there is no Love?
Surly there is love. Love is the major power driving this universe to prosperity and development. Whether directly or indirectly, love plays as a pacemaker in our life. What this post meant is to raise awareness about how love is mediated with hormones. We need to know this as part of our understanding of the world. Then we have to forget it all and live love, so we can live our lives. Yet, knowing this calls us for some modesty when it comes to emotions and feelings. Never say that you are dieing to see someone. a hormonal antagonist injection can make you forget the whole thing.


اسكندراني اوي said...

حتى الحب حللتوه يا دكتور
انا لا يهمني ما يتدفق في الدم وما يحترق وما لا يحترق
كل ما يهمني اني اشعر بسعاده بالغه حين ارى محبوبتي

واشعر بالحزن حين نفترق
هذا هو الحب يا صديقي
اما ما يحدث من كمياء فاتركها لمن يحللها

وش بيضححححححححك

لك كل التحيه

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزي اسكندراني أوي

في هذا الموضوع يتمايز بني آدم الى أربعة أصناف
هنالك من يعرفون الحقيقة و يعيشون الحياة معاً ، و أولئك هم الشعراء
هناك من يعرفون و لا يعيشون ، و أولئك هم العلماء
و هناك من لا يعرفون و لكنهم يعيشون و أولئك هم العاشقون
و هناك من لا يعرفون و لا يعيشون ، و أولئك هم معاناة البشر ، لانهم يعانون و يثقلون من حولهم بالهموم

فأنت على هذا التصنيف عاشق يا سيدي
تحياتي و تقديري

shreen said...

دكتور اياد
لم تترك جزئا من العلاقه بين المحبين الا وقد حللته من الناحيه العلميه
وبالرغم من هذا فى نهاية البوست اعلنت ايمانك بالحب
بهذه الابيات الرقيقه
أولى بهذا الثغر أن يلثما----وفي ضرام القبل أن ينعما
ما أضيع اليوم الذي مر بي---بغير أن أجني ثمــار اللما

فتحياتى لعلمك الدقيق جدا

وتحياتى اكثر لشاعريتك المفرطه

وقد فهمت انا كيف ان بوست القمر اثار فكرة كتابة هذا البوست الرائع فكما انا كشفت الحقائق العلميه عن القمر وبالرغم من قسوتها اعلنت حبى له بالنهايه

انت الاخر كشفت الحقائق العلميه عن الحب رغم جفافها
واعلنت حبك للحب

يكفينى فخرا انى كنت من سبب انطلاق هذا البوست الرائع

shams said...

اية يا دكتور الجمال دة خلتنا نعرف عن الحب و احنا في بلد الحب فيها محتاج محرك بحث قوى
بس بجد انا حبيت الحب نفسه من كلامك
على فكرة في موضوع مثار جدل هنا

و عايز راي حضرتك فية

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزتي Shereen
بل انا من يجب أن يشكرك على الفكرة التي أوحيت بها بمقالك ، زيارتك و تعليقك أسعدني كثيرا
تحياتي و تقديري

EmY said...

البوست جميل جدا جدا

اول مره احب الكمياء طول عمري أدبي و فاشله في العلوم

بس طريقة العرض مميزه جدآ و اسلوب الكتابه جميا اللغه العربيه انا حبتها من كتابت حضرتك

الفكره جميله اوي و ان كل هرمون مسؤل عن احساس و شعور معين بالحب ده بجد هاخليني ادور و اقرا اكتر عن الموضوع

أولى بهذا الثغر أن يلثما----وفي ضرام القبل أن ينعما
ما أضيع اليوم الذي مر بي---بغير أن أجني ثمــار اللما

البيتين جمال جدا بس فين بقيت القصيده

coca said...

بوست رائع يا د اياد
ممتع ومفيد ورقيق وعملت search

علي الهرمونات دي وقريت عنها بعد ما قريت البوست

تحياتي وتقديري

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزي Shams
شكرا لتعليقك ، و قد زرت الرابط و تركت تعليقي هناك
تحياتي و تقديري

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزتي Emy
شكرا لزيارتك و تعليقك ، اما اللغة العربية فستظل تظهر في المقالات التي تناسبها بناء على طلبك أنت و كوكا و شمس

أما عن الكيمياء ، فالبنية التحتية للجسد البشري مؤسسة على التفاعلات الكيميائية و النبضات العصبية، كل ما نشعر به و نفكر فيه يتم التعبير عنه بأحد هذين العنصرين أو كلاهما
تحياتي و تقديري

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزتي coca
شكرا لزيارتك و تعليقك، لقد أسعدني أنه حرك عندك الرغبة في البحث و الالمام أكثر بالموضوع
تحياتي و تقديري

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزتي Emy
عفوا نسيت الاجابة حول البيتين
هما ليسا جزء من قصيدة ، لقد كتبتهما يوما و انا أسمع رباعيات الخيام بصوت كوكب الشرق ، صاحبة العصمة أم كلثوم كما لقبتها الجماهير العربية رغم أنف عبد الحميد كشك هههههه


ازيك يادكتور
انا مثلى قوى

موضوعك حلو

بس بلا حب بلا وجع قلب

الحب يعنى الحريه
انا اى حد يسلبنى حريتى امسحه من حياتى باستيكه فورا

انا رجعت تانى للتدوين ومعايا القصه واللى حصلى بالضبط

على فكره يارت كانت كل الناس زيك
انت فعلا مسلم

هنتظرك تزورنى فى مدونتى

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

الحب أحد الأوجه المضيئة للحرية ، فلا حب بلا حرية ، فلا تعارض ، لم أستوعب مشكلتك جيدا لكن أيا كانت فلا تتوقف عندها كثيرا، الحياة تستمر و حين نهدأ نعجب كيف غضبنا كل هذا الغضب

شكرا لأنك وصفتني بالمسلم المستنير ، ربنا يسمع منك و أكون كده فعلا عنده سبحانه و تعالى
تحياتي و تقديري

Arabic ID said...

Dear Dr. Eyad

I am sorry for the following if you found it has a pronounce of anger

but I felt sick and anger from this article as if I can't feel, and as if I can't belive in my heart beats again.

do you know sir, that the modern science is a myth in its self.

how could this be, just remember the words that "every day we know more we discover more of our ignorance."

yes they may relate the raise of some chemicals in the body with the mood you pass through but they can't for sure explain why the raise of depression chemicals happens when you are in love, for example. they will not find a relation.

don't try to bring everything weird to shock us, I will not let you make my mind, I will just share you with my thoughts...

sorry again ..., I don't hold any hate against you.. but I am annoyed with this post and your questions.


Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Arabic ID,

First, let me ask you, why the anger? This article specifically talking about love, I did not expect it to make anyone upset, what do you think?

I think maybe you did not complete the article tell it ends, if you do, you will find I ended saying we should know this for knowledge, then forget it and live our loves.

About SCIENCE, when you are reading these words dear, you are surrounded by the gifts of sciences, your screen, your clothes, your room lights....etc. Illumination of science is what makes us third world and make others first.

You have just mentioned the greatest thing about science as if it is a defect. No dear, the glory of science is having no dogmas, everything is able to be re-considered according to a new findings, that is why we should trust science, because if it lead to any new thing, we will merely know.

Then dear, I would like to tell you that science do have an explanation for depression rise-up at any stage and under different conditions. it is all mediated by chemisry again. and has its psychiatric reasons. You just need to knock its door, and the science will answer.

Finally frind, who said I like to make others mind? what I do when I write is making only my mind clear to who reads, then u can accept, reject, or even hate what you read, and this has nothing to do with hating me, you can like me even and hate what i write. What do u think?

Regarding bringing what is scoking, we have two ways as mankind, to know what makes us comfortable, but sometimes it is simply not true, or to respect the truth and seek it regardless how schoking it is. I have choosed the 2nd long time ago

Thank you for your visit and comment

Arabic ID said...

Yes I found that I jumped the last part of the article, due to my anger prehaps.., prehaps the adrenaline pushed me to do so.

dear sir I learned in the faculty of agriculture, and I know about this article better than the most of your readers might know.., I know about the tastes and its functionality , and the smells and why this might be danger from its smell and this might be good for us.

I know that bodies are molecules in real.

but this would lead us to what.., I don't like to think in this way.

I prefer to think that my feelings are erupting from me, my willing, I am not denying the effects of medicines and the disorders of the mind.

and yes I agree with you that having no endings for the science is a great thing in the science, but you know about the word "the philosophy of science", this is the part I am interested more in. but I might have my own point of view or "prospective" -actually I hope it is the word I mean-.

for the part that you may try to make our minds, I may understand if you talked about our culture and religion misunderstanding , or the wrong community rules.., this may differ from one to one, but as I understood at the first time, I was afraid that you might want us not to trust in anything, but your words..., sorry if you didn't mean that, and if you meant so , ..let me tell you that I will not follow your way of thinking..

please note that I didn't rage but in the two articles I found they are touching my very kind of life, the Arabic letters which made my feelings ,and the feelings which built my dreams.

we might conclude that I am driven by my feelings, may be.., it is my way of life I think.

the last thing, just to let me relieved from your side.., do you think that you might be wrong in any of your thoughts, do you ask your self if you might change your mind in any upcoming day?? I just wonder?.

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Arabic ID,
Thank you for your valuable comment. Let me answer your questions in the coming post. I see it interesting subject to write about. Specially the part of changing my mind and challenging my belief. Thank you and best regards