Can You Hide?

On Feminine Charm

Merry Christmas to all Coptic Christians over there. For this ceremony, I shall talk today on a light subject. Knowing I was very boring lately with my low mood, I will try today being a little different. It started with the Intelligence-in-Person Fantasia, when she highlighted what I quoted about woman charm, and how the woman herself is the only one who is capable to hide it or reveal it. Fantasia added her rich comment about Haifa Wahby and her eye contact seduction. Which I surely agree with. I thought now to make a trial, to surf the net searching for some faces, those who represents the different types of female charming styles. Apart from the difficulty to convince the search engine you are not searching for porn, when you right search words like "Charming Woman"... I can say I got what I wanted. I collected some faces that represents the different charm forms of a lady. Aiming to make a point, that whoever charm, mainly relies on her facies and how she can use it. Hereunder, I shall display each, with my own perceptual comment on her face.

  • Regular Charm, everyday seducing face that can work with almost 80% of men. The artificial charm used massively in advertisement, as it fits with majority of customers' taste, and accordingly achieves higher hit rates. It is fake, senseless, and depends on a regular technique of side look in the eyes, facing camera with a semi-profile, exposing a complete cheek from ear lobe to mouth angle, in order to inspire an intimate touch. Finally the essential lips element. a calculated distance between lips should be there to express a "feel at home" invitation.
  • Dull Charm, despite the highly proportionate facies she has, her eyes look like a banner stating "free space for rental", where her skull is surely the meant space. However, this type of brainless beauty attracts several types of males for mating. Specifically those who can not afford the smarter types. Once a philosopher said, everyman wants his woman smart to understand him, and stupid to love him. He was very true I can say. For an average man upward, the problem of such beauty is the boredom state that has laid its egg's in the slag water of her eyes. Boredom is a destiny with this type of beauty I can say, at least this how I feel not to be generalizing.
  • Confident Charm, the matured-to-perfection eye look, the random combed hair, with her easy-going smile, represents a threat to mental stability of men. She is the hilarious lady, who used to be your secondary school teacher. Even if younger than you, this type of charm always handle a man in the know-it-all teaching style. She believes she can handle the naughty schoolboy inside you. Why not to give her a chance to try?
  • Medusa Charm. Yes, the legendary Medusa, once your eyes comes in contact with her neat and pure face, you are transformed into a stone statue, who does nothing but swimming in the honey lakes of her eyes, before he rests over the silky white cheeks. It is one of these memorable faces, that engraves itself boldly in one's brain. Yet, be careful, this type of charm is very short-lived one. It is a charm that capitalizes mainly on the green-age qualities, qualities of skin and subcutaneous fat balance. Once elasticity is gone by age, you will loose the silky cheeks and the neat round face. Try to imagine this type of face at the age of 55. When you build a long-term with a charm, you better know you will love it in all its current and upcoming forms of its own
  • Classmate Charm. She can be your childhood neighbour girl, your primary school classmate, your student union college at university. She is everyday woman. The regular level of female charm, the level that attracts the man, yet, leave him with the power to decide. She is the very natural beauty, and the most lasting. This type of beauty stands the test of time, who possess it, usually looks in her thirties when she is approaching fifties. Her simple haircut, her vivid eyes, and lovely smile are her assets, and they will stand the test of time more than skin qualities.
  • Libido Charm. The form of beauty that ladies never feel or recognize. No wonder, they do not benefit from its Latino spiced-up talents by any mean. She is the one when appears on TV screens, you find men staring in hunger, while women say to each other "How silly is their taste, it seems we were the last of their good choices" This is why they never employ such a model in goods wherein women decision is more important. Her black eyes shining contrast, her well nourished lips, her strong white teeth, and the marshmallow quality cheeks, are all among her outward assets. And she usually holds much more in her inward closets. Sadly, as none is perfect, her mind is usually as narrow as her direct joys. You will hardly find a well-educated libido styles charm. Nature is not that generous to men, and you have to make your choices dude.

  • Lolita Charm, she tells you with that look "Dad, take me to the warmth of your arms and protect me from the bad boys". She calls the man and the father inside you at a time. This is a beloved charm by powerful men, who likes to see the surprised and the astonished and the freaked-out face of her teen frequently. They like to see their remarkable effect on people, this is why you will find a light headed police officer, usually seeks a girl of that type. Young aged, naive minded, and somehow stupid blond dolls are their favourite all the time. He can never impress a heavily-minded lady with his baseless arrogance.
  • Provocative Charm, the one that challenges your manhood whenever she looks in your eyes. This type is the poison of Valentinos, once seeing this look in her eyes, the playboy gets mad. How can she give him that lightly-taken look? And as she never stop doing this until she gets his heart officially, we can call her the charm of destiny to playboys. She can be hilarious if her style is based on a qualitative capacity other than her looks. Otherwise she is a walking catastrophe.
  • Divine Charm. The ideal form for romance fellows who seek a beauty goddess to worship more than a woman to consort with. Her eyes are lovely, but silent. Since when a goddess should talk? her lips are neat with her perfect teeth. Yet, it is not a warm kissing lips, it is more like a divine blessing one. Usually men who marries such a divine beauty, hold an affair, commonly with an ugly and low social standard woman, with whom he can feel like "back-to-earth" feeling.
  • Challenging Charm, the one tells you with her look "No, you are not the one", she intentionally does, to challenge the man and the kid inside you at a time. The man will chase her, and the kid will cry for her. She is addictive when she meets the man who still has a prominent child inside his chest, and many of us do. However, she will not get her hunt forever. Once the childish man wins the challenge, and gets her, he will start finding another game. She can only blame herself, Did she know playing with kids is risky?
  • Consumed Charm, her desperate eye look, and wrinkled mouth angles will appeal more to a man who is acclimated to night life and professional lovers. She will uncommonly charm other men, unless she really possess special qualities. Being blond is not always enough. This kind of consumed charm usually calls the knight nobility in the man, telling him with that look "Harbor me from the windy life O' chivalric dream"

  • Motherly Charm, the kindness in the eyes, the accommodating smile, and the easy bunny tail, she is ideal for every Oedipus among us. We do have many, those who seeks mild warmth other than boiling drinks, and those who seek a quite and stable life, more than a dynamic life full of movement. She is the ideal wife for the men with missions beyond their own selves. She is ideal for apostles, authors, composers, poets....etc. She is Bilqais of Nezar. Who understood the game, and tolerated the foolishness of ten years, as Nezar quoted.
  • Pandora Charm,the best of the rest. My own poison, the full of life and full of confidence lady, the smart life lover, the night sky surfer. She never subordinates to her man, and never likes subordinating men, and herein her life tragedy exists. She holds the paradoxical qualities, and seeks a man who holds the same. Unfortunately, for some reason, Pandora men and women rarely meet. Usually a Pandora woman gets attached to an average man and vice versa. As if being a gifted Pandora by itself is too much, so life never grant them the joy of coupling with a wondrous mate. Her eyes is the sweet honey and flaming fire at a time. Her look penetrates to the core of your heart as hot knife into butter. her elegant nose obliges you to respect and abide by modesty. Her exclamation styled eyebrows challenges you all the time, the "who cares to style" hair combing gives lesson in liberty. Her vivid lips reminds you of the woman in this goddess form, and finally when she looks in your eyes with love and gratitude, you feel you are the Emperor of Universe, Aren't you the elected elite by the Pandora goddess? This level of charm never goes. Its fuel is the mind and the character, manifested in the looks, not the looks on its own. Lucky man who have met a Pandora in his life once. Even for days.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Can a woman hide her charm... yes she can if she wants to... and turn into a dull walking body that radiate nothing of her feminin power
who am i among them !!
i couldnt find myself in any of them ... yet i find myself in all of them

i guess women live in different stages, in one they are beautiful, in one they are smart, in one they are mature, in other they are ... nothing at all

i love the post... your beautiful description... your taste of picture, and words

my warmest regards

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

I wanna add one thing
pandora charm is every woman dream... cause she has it all... she has all the contradictions in her heart, mind, and soul... she can be every woman man dream of... and that is what men wants

alas i agree that both pandora man and woman meet at the very wrong time,and their relation can never continue...

my warmest regards
may the moon light bless your paces

ايوية said...

موضوع جميل دكتور واسفة لتاخر التعليق الن النت عندى حصلت فية مشكلة
انا اعتقد ان اجمل سحر هو سحر الثقافة والعقل ولو انة مش بيعجب ناس كتير
بس اعتقد انة بيخلق نوع معين من الجمال
لا يقدرة الكثيرين

Amre El-Abyad said...

Boy, That is a very impressive post! You have actually held a grip on as much as all sorts of women in a few lines. Hats off!

Well, I don't know about women as much as you do, yet I know enough to be certain that the best woman ever is someone you have never met; and you 'd better not to:)))

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Egyptiana,
I did not mean the woman herself, I meant whoever think he can by the power of regulation hide women charm e.g. Saudi case.

Stages does apply, but all the time there is a key in everywoman. key feature I can say. or key charm. Glad that you loved it dear.

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Egyptiana again,
Sure, everywoman dreams to be a pandora, and everyman dreams to find his pandora. Yet, very few reach to be, and fewer manage to find. Kind Regards

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزتي أيوية
أهلا بك و لا حرمنا الله تعليقك و زياراتك

أما عن سحر العقل و الجمال ، فهو هنا في اثنتان ، الفاتنة الواثقة ، و الفاتنة الجامعة المانعة ، باندورا الأسطورية التي تشع ذكاء و ثقافة و فكرا ، و كل رجل أريب يقدر هذا ، انظري لمي زيادة و كم من عظماء الأدب أحبها؟ من شاعر المهجر لشيخ الأزهر ، تحياتي و تقديري

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Amre,
Very glad you liked it. Thank you. Knowing women I guess is an intuition in everyman. Only if you managed to keep your sensors and receptors to taste the charm. Yet, in real life, whoever has the opportunity to be flooded in charm, will never have the time to write such a long post. Regards

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

thanks eyad for the clarification ... i really enjoyed your post

allow me to reply on ايويه

انا معك ان سحر العقل والثقافة له فتنة خاصة... ولكنه لا يكفى
وذلك للاسباب التالية

- خوف الرجل الشرقى من المرأة الذكية... وذلك لان فى داخلة دوما الرغبة فى ابهارها... فان كانت ذكية من الصعب ان يبهرها شئ لانها بمنتهى البساطة تملك كل الاجوبة وتستطيع ان تكون مستقلة وده فى حد ذاته بيضايق الرجل الذى يريد ان يحس بتفوقه

- السبب الثانى
جمال الوجه والجسد مهمين جدا... وليس له علاقة بسطحية التفكير... ولكن تخيلى كيف سيتجاوب الرجل مع امرآه متوسطة او قليلة الحظ فى الجمال ومعها عقل كبير
؟؟؟ عادة سيكون نوع الاستجابة هو تصنيفها كصديق وذلك لان عيون الرجال ترى اولاً ثم يأتى دور الجسد والكيمياء المتمثلة فى رغبة ذرات جسدة لملامسه المرآة الجميلة... واخيرا ياتى العقل والتفاهم

تلك هى الحقيقة الصادمة

اما بالنسبة لباندورا فاعتقد انها من تجمع الاثنان
جمال الوجه والجسد وجمال العقل
عندها تصبح ربة ومن رحمها تنبت الحياة

وعلى فكرة ليس من الضرورى ان تكون كل النساء باندورا... لانها تقريبا منقرضة وحظها عاثر فى الدنيا فلا تظهر ابدا للعين الطبيعية

سؤالى لك الآن يا اياد؟
هل قابلتها يوماً
باندورا الساحرة؟؟

Fantasia said...

thanks a lot dr. eyad for the wonderful title you bestowed on me :)
i'm really f l a t t e r e d! what can i say?
it is such a pride to inspire this great and unique post. i enjoyed reading it so much. and your choice of pictures added a twist.
charms come in different colors and flavors as you've brilliantly described. and a special importance stems from the male perspective being presented. it is how men perceive beauty, charm or seducation, that actually gives those terms a certain shape when when talk about female attraction, or sex appeal.
there is not a single definition of what is charming. of course, a large number of men may happen to agree on a certain aspect, like for instance the beauty of Suad Hosni. but this same group of men, will come up with different answers if they are asked to be specific about what they consider to be charming about her beauty.
therefore, the idea of hair begin sexually arousing is so pointless. can a man get sexually aroused by looking at a female wig? if one in a 10 million men answered yes, then he is having a fetish. and we should not set rules that are tailored for abnormal people. an easier solution would be blinding this person, instead of covering the hair of all the women of the world.
i might know something about male sexuality, but aside for the usual stuff that are generally considered to interact with men's visual tendency (which have absolutely nothing to do with women's hair), i would guess that the body itself is not as powerful as the body language when it comes to feminine sex appeal. correct me if i'm wrong. and eyes are the real weapons of mass destruction as i expressed earlier.
the way i see it, a smart woman has got to be attractive. and allow me to explain here that there is a huge difference (especially in our country) between a good student and a smart girl. a smart girl does not have to be the top of her class. but her energy, talent, mental abilities, creativity, and sharp wit will make her grow into a self-confident woman. self-confidence boosts everything about a woman.
smart women have eyes that glitter. add the self confidence, and you will find daring, penetrating, naughty, flirty, beautiful eyes, that hold a unique charm and are charged with an irresistable spell.
moreover, self-confidence totally enhances body language, which in turn enhances communication, that in a smart woman is usually combined with elegance, high sense of fashion, color coordination, overall harmony, and style.
in short, a smart woman has got to be charming.
the only problem is that her charms are usually considered to be dangerous or scary. a man who does not have the same amount of self-confidence sees her as a monster, even if she is angelina jolie's identical twin. why do men feel threatened by this kind of charm? well, they were brought up to believe that the more the active cells in a wife's brain, the more pressure he will be subjected to in order to prove his traditional masculine superiority. so here the social culture is in direct conflict with the individual's choice.
a dumb beauty seems to be the second best. it is the safe type of beauty that doesn't pose any threats or challenges. that does not mean what most girls tend to conclude, i.e. that men are attracted to wax statues. it is only that when female brains are too hard to handle in a society like ours, a man would not be ready to give up both beauty and wits.. he has to settle for beauty, instead of forsaking both.

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Egyptiana,
Smart girls asking cornerizing Questions. Yes, i did. If you meant by finding her, the no of times I THOUGHT I found her, then found out it was baseless, It is countless. Now, when I watch the movie of life, I think I had REALLY found her twice. Once I lost her because I was stupid enough to think she must live with me in Egypt. Second, it was a unilateral finding. I found her a Pandora, but maybe she did not find me her one :) Only me and a crazy man, will admit he loved a woman and she did not love him in return. But who basically said I am not crazy?

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Fantasia,
Your mind bestowed the title on you, not me. Your inspiring comment, just like the one before, needs a complete post to address it. I will do it as soon as tonight. Regards

Arabic ID said...

Dear Dr. Eyad

wonderful as usual
أه من القرنفل
دا ريحته تسحر
شاغل ويشغل
قاتل ويقتل
"Mohamed Fawzi of-course"
is this the pandora charm you meant?
actually you mentioned their charm and our reacting tworads their charm

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

why you think it is unilateral... from what i know about you eyad... you are a very charming person, who possess a containing personality that women seek ... so i dont think it was unilateral

i beleive it could be the life conditions that forced both of you to be separated... did you ask her why?

am sorry i didnt mean to discuss personal matters... dont answer if you dont wanna
now my suggestion, can you write us a similar article about MEN!! :)

i thought of that myself, but you are the expert ... and iam sure it will be as informative and interesting as everything else you write

my warmest regards
may the moonlight bless your paces

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Arabic ID:
very glad you liked it. Yet, for the fantastic song og Muhammad Fawzy (God bless his soul)I see women charm too complex to be compared to flowers. But you were right in choosing for the pandora:
شاغل ويشغل
قاتل ويقتل

she usually holds the secrets of both. Construction and destruction. Best Regards

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Egyptiana,
Not at all, I do not mind answering. Yeh, I asked her, and it was another man who had always occupied her eyes and hearts. Therefore she sees none around her but his image. Your idea of a male post is very nice. However, i might not be very accurate, because I look at men from a male eyes. Best Regards dearest

Anonymous said...


I didn't know that there was an OCTAVIA !!!!

I klicked this link by chance and surprised with that very interesting conversation between you & Ms.Egyptiana.

Don't be sad my dear ...who knows ... may be that Octavia went away and didn't see you because God was planning for you to meet another one who may carry some features of ur Pandora ... or may be Octavia will never love Heeba like Marta & if another one was filling Octavia's eyes & heart, I think Heeba runs in Marta's blood & she is breathing him

Can Heeba give Marta a chance to erase his sorrows ????:)