Vertebrate Sexuality

Sexual Activities for Pleasure in Animal Kingdom

Only as usual, I get inspirations of my posts from my dear ones. This time from a wonderful post by Emy& Coca. A combined one written by the adventurous Emy and the sensual poet Coca. It was about sexual taboos in our community. In one of the comments, Mr. Omar talked about the sexual behavior parted from the reproduction purpose, stating it to exist only in homo-sapiens (Human) and dolphins. I agree to his proposition, as humans, dolphins and lions were believed until the end of 20th century to be the only species practising sexuality for pleasure, not merely for reproduction. However, the late decades revealed to sexology a totally different image, including almost all the vertebrate in the sex-for-sex loop. I then thought to write a light post, about the sexuality in Animal Kingdom. As understanding animal sexual behavior, shall help us in our perceptions about human sexuality too. I gathered for you a brief clues from some esteemed biologists works and articles. One of them being the wonderful amateur researcher in animal sexuality, Ross River, another group of findings by prominent biologists like those you can find in the masterpiece book of "Alan Molumby", " The Biology of Mating Systems and Parental Care" such a book that is sufficient to change the way you have always perceived the world. Anyway, here we go, exploring some facts from the world around us, as God advised in Quran "We shall show them Our portents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the truth. Does not The Lord suffice, since He is Witness over all things ?" Expounded Verses: 53. Such portents that only intellectuals shall see, those God seeded in the world to teach us the everlasting truth of his divine systems. One of its corners, is sexuality, the prime recreational activity in animal kingdom, specifically among vertebrates.

N.B. Due to the scientific nature of the post, some overt expressions as well as shocking images shall be used. If you do not will to learn about animal sexuality, in the very hard way, do not go further.

Hamsters & Teen Foreplay:
Due to the very same hormonal revolution, that happens in the brain of human teenagers upon puberty, driving them to have a potent lust toward other sex. Juvenile hamsters were find to conjugate into a teen foreplay, including kissing, hugging, cuddling....etc. All what human teens do, or tend to do before their complete sexual maturation. Hereunder, an image of two juvenile hamsters in sexual foreplay. Needless to say that teen foreplay does not result in procreation. This we take as a 1st proof on sex-for-sex in animals.
The Lesbian Bonobos:
Female bonobos are usually smaller than male bonobos, yet dominant over them. As they work more efficiently. Very frequent, and for merely sexual pleasure, female bonobos conjugate into intimate encounters, of rubbing genitals, seeking to reach an orgasm. The same bonobos will have also mating with males for procreation. Such a thing we know today as bisexuality. It is also unrelated to copulation and procreation.

Sultan Harem in Elephant Seals:

It is a winner takes all system. Only 4% of males of elephant seals manage to have sex in their lifetime, as males fight bloody battles on females, the winner then takes all the harem to enjoy by himself. While losers has no warm nights at all. It is a male dominating society, that feminists will never like to live within. Though it is funny and similar to man's vanity. But we can never consider it a proof on sex-for-sex behavior. It is more likely a way of natural selection common in all primates and other species too.

The Babylonian Owl:

Yes, female owls practice sex at a price. Surly not money. Yet, the male owl must get his female some food and offer it to here, once she starts eating, this means she accepts his offering, after dinner, the game starts. Nature manifested sacred sex much earlier before pagans do I can say. Still this one too we cannot consider as a support for sexual pleasure concept.

Autoerotica & Homosexuality in Animals

Autoerotism is quite common among male horses and kangaroos. Most amazing is the behavior of female porcupine employing a stick in masturbation. It is also common among lions, bats, and all pirates, employing limbs and tails to induce genital and nipple stimulation. Among all, higher apes are well know to be the most simulating species in their masturbation activities. Autism in this way, is no doubt a proof on pleasure being an objective. Also homosexual behaviors are very common in the animal kingdom, from goats to lions, we do have homosexual practices between same sex males and females. Sometimes also bisexuality is reported in species for long was thought to be exclusively heterosexual

Who Needs Sex to Procreate?

Many species in nature, and upon isolation of its female individuals, will procreate independently, it is a well known story in invertebrates. Yet, recent studies proved it does exist in some species of fish and birds. Wherein the ova autonomously transform into a matured zygote, undergoes the whole steps of embryonic life, to produce a progeny carrying 100% of his mother's chromosomes and gene map.

So, if God wanted us to have sex only to procreate, he had other mechanisms that he could apply to us too. Yet, it was His will we do have such a recreational activity, that will support the ego feeling of humans and accordingly support the development of planet Earth. i.e. Supports man mission as a viceroy on land


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear eyad
that is really a wonderful research ... as it is presented in a very informative and easy to understand way ... as usual :)

allow me to comment on sex as a basic instinct that we shouldnt consider a taboo... god has created us with lust to the other, lust to the touch, and the smell, and the beautiful releif at the end of the sacred union

yes sex is a sacred union, and few can understand its true beauty

sex is the act that allow two bodies to talk freely without relying on the barriers of language... and transmit warmth and magical feelings to each other.
it is a shame that it has been accused always to be the source of evil!

alas it has been deformed and turned into a taboo, a sin, a crime, and that is by the human practices that tend to use it for mere satisfaction without looking at the wisdom behind.

but still i didnt understand, how sex supported human progress??

thanks again for the lovely post... and waiting for more of your researches

Arabic ID said...

I don't understand this one

how can a comparison between the human and the animals done in the light of Quran, which differs the two kinds with a main different which is honor to hold "amanah"

how would be this , I can think of many things, women need men, even in our easy gaining life today, men need women even in our "free - unresponsive communities these days" ,

and because of communication between the communities "ta3arof",and we are not reproducing, we are getting together living and success together.

many meanings, I can think of.

or what did you mean???

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Egyptiana,
I am very glad you liked the post. Thank you for your furthering enriching comment. Actually you had partially enriched your question in your comment, about how sex helped humankind progress. Howlever, let me put it this way:
1- Man and woman live this life, with a hidden motive, it is the quest for the sacred union as you stated it. Or the quest for the complete one. As the complete human is not a single person. It is man and woman together. This hidden motive ignites prospert of life.

2- Every activity a man/woman is doing is alltime around the other. Very indirect but very true. Any normal man will be most delighted to be the favored by females in his society...even with no purpose it is a normal drive that seeks nothing. Same applied to women.

This helped prosperty of life

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Arabic ID,
thanks a million for your deep comment and thoughts. I believe what separates man from other species, is the inspiration God gave us from his soul. It is :
1- Prominent superego
2- Prominent Ego
3- Innovation and criticism
4- Freewill

the 4 together makes the man. We only can learn the style of the Almighty innovator in his innovations. So, we can learn from animal kingdom, that sex is not only intended to procreate, it is also to recreate. Otherwise, Shall God wants us to procreate asexually? He was very able to make us so. The amana, I believe it to being God's Vicegreant on land. Which is a HUGE task. Regards

Arabic ID said...

the last line I read was

"So, if God wanted us to have sex only to procreate, he had other mechanisms that he could apply to us too"

I dropped the few last lines of your post.

why this happens, Do you know? although I wasn't in anger nor just wanted tricking you?

;-D, I might need a glasses then.


Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Arabic ID,
sorry but I did not get your point clearly, do you believe God gave us sex only to procreate? or what the point was?

Arabic ID said...

هاكتب بالعربى
قصدى ان ماكنش ليه لازمة أعلق أول مرة لأنى وقعت الكام سطر الأخير
وكنت بأسال ازاى ده حصل مع انى كنت مركز وباقرأ عادى

لكن طبعا مش موافق ان الجنس موضوع فى البنى أدم كوسيلة للتكاثر أو الاستمتاع المحض


وبالمرة بقى ده سؤال حاولت كتير أنى أعمل منه موضوع ومش عارف وممكن نفتحه هنا على سبيل المناقشة يعنى

هذا السؤال هو

مش القيود هى اللى بتعمل معنى

القيود بمعنى كل حاجة بنحتاج نحققها نكسبها نكتسبها نتعلمها نتخلى عن حاجات

يعنى..... فهمتنى؟؟

هل وجود تلك القيود التى يفرضها علينا الدين تجعل الانسان أكثر انسانية أو حتى هى التى تحمل معنى الانسانية فى حد ذاته؟؟

يكفينى هذا التساؤل
يا رب يكون واضح ليك
ولا أعنى قضية الانسان مسير أو مخير لكن فكرة الحرية بمعنى عام وشامل وأن القانون والنظام تحسن حياة الانسان

بوجه عام

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزي Arabic ID

نعم ، هكذا فهمت ما قصدته، فشكرا لك ، أما موضوع الدين و هل يفرض القيود للسمو بانسانية الانسان، فدعني أولا أقول أن الدين لم يفرض قيودا، لكنه وضع ضوابط ، ضوابطا تتيح للفرد أن يعيش حياته دون أن يحتك بأنوف الآخرين، و بما أن الجنس كان موضوع الحديث، فلنأخذ من الجنس مثلاُ، الدين حرم فقط الجنس العشوائي الغير مسؤول ، لكنه لم يفرض قيدا، كل رجل بالغ و كل فتاة بالغة من حقهما ممارسة الجنس و لكن بضوابط هي القبول و الإيجاب و العقد و الإشهار ....الخ و هو ما نسميه نكاحا شرعياً ، و كلها أمور ميسرة شرعيا لكن الضوابط الاجتماعية هي التي صنعت التقييد و ليس الدين، و لكل منهما الحق لو لم يكن راضيا عن شريكه أن يلجأ لفصم عروة النكاح بالطلاق، او الخلع، فأي دين يمكن أن يحترم الفطرة و الرغبة البشرية أكثر من ذلك؟ و كذلك في المعاشرة أباح الاسلام للزوجين كل شيء عدا واحد هو مخالف للفطرة و للأمان الصحي، فأي اقرار لمبدأ الحرية أكثر من هذا؟ تحياتي و تقديري لذكاء السؤال و طارح السؤال

Anonymous said...

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