Simple Man Quotes

From the Sayings of an Ordinary Man

hese are the quotes of a simple man, who happened to live once in Egypt. Hi-Ku-Btah, the land of paradoxes, also the land of wisdom. He used to write down his quotes, but not a single time before he thought to publish it, he understands he is too simple to have his quotes readen by anyone. Hereunder some of my quotes, from business and life, and from love to politics. Wish you enjoy it.

Business Quotes:

  • A businessman, must be a man in first place, then we talk business
  • In the world of business, if you 'F' you better 'F', if you foreplay, you better fuck
  • We should do things not the way it is usually done, but in our very own way. Thence, it dawns uniquely and ends unprecedentedly
  • Fortunately, success is addictive. Unfortunately, failure produces tolerance
  • I am working for money, we all do' Well, every dog imagines the whole universe is sweating on bones
  • Try the ecstasy of turning things better. This is your first mission in this Universe. Therefore, your Creator linked it to the utmost joys
  • Justice is not the foundation of an organization, it is the foundation of success itself
  • 'Not very caring of money', a man who sensed a moment of glory.'Not very caring of titles', a man who loves the nudity of his name
  • 'Sir, I suffered agonizingly from the unjustness of your predecessor' imagine him saying the same to your successor, and expound accordingly
  • If persistence is there, capabilities can be developed. If cerebration is there, disciplines can be coached, if both are there, you have a raw material of an exceptional caliber

Life Quotes:

  • 'Dwelled his entire life in definite happiness' biography of a stillbirth
  • Daylight reveals everything, except truth. It reveals in darkness, only to those who have the courage to face it
  • Who said none is perfect? Everyone can be, if he perfectly lived himself. Among humankind, perfection is coherence
  • Some wine makes you sensuous, too much makes you senseless. Some love makes-up your life, too much turn it down. Also some certitude makes you spiritual, too much makes you spiritless
  • Aquatic it was, the initial material of life, and its utmost holiness still manifests in babies and poets eyes

Death Quotes:

  • Nothing is absolute but death, when you see a beloved one, after life has deserted him, you materialize what absoluteness is
  • I fear fatality for one thing; I did not convolute my heritage into substance yet. I have it all in a soft mass that disintegrates moments after death
  • It is not death what I fear; it is the first moment after it

Political Quotes:

  • Do you expect me to plunge my hand between lion's jaws? No Sir, you can keep it away from the lion and from leadership too, leadership is not a typical game for fainthearted kittens
  • Do you expect me to plunge my hand between lion's jaws? No Sir, we all know you are too coward to do. We only request, you don't praise a fox calling it a lion
  • War and peace heroes, those are the martyred warriors, who deceased only to make peace obtainable...exclusively
  • How can I feed you? Typical disparateness of cracked geriatrics
  • I am accusing all ministers as well as the prime minister, and I am begging the wisdom of Mr. President to interfere. Signature: son-of-a-bitch
  • Cowards can only blame the second man, they blame Hajaj and bless Abdul-Malik, blame Qarqosh and bless Saladin. This is the maximal length of their guts

Woman Quotes:

  • It is five 'E's that turn a woman into a big 'E', educated, elaborative, elegant, easygoing and estrous, these five makes an ecstatic phenomenon of a woman
  • Woman is the rocky shore for a man. Man is the sweet and sour grapes for a woman. A little suffering is very essential in both, however, the steaks deserves
  • Keep surprising him, keep impressing her and her mates, therefore, you both keep your beats unceasing
  • A pretty lame-brained woman is still interesting to men, as interesting as a cigarette after dinner, choose this for yourself if you wished"


a young man said...

your quotes is great but I hope YOU WRITE IT IN ARABIC PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

a young man said...


Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Young Man,
Thank you for your kind comment. And I will, I will write in Arabic, for you and for youngmen who are like you, I will write in Arabic.
Best Regards

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Young Man,
Your email is MOST WELCOME

someone in life said...

so great quotes .. missed that .. Regards

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Someone in Life,

Happy to see you here again dear. Best Regards

Anonymous said...


great quotes and u know what?sometimes i apply them in my daily life or they can just change my mood to the better

thank u for the effort in putting them here whether the arabic ones or the english ones

best regards to you and thank u for the quotes:)

Arabic ID said...

بطل الحرب والسلام
رجل مصرى تزوج وأنجب وعاش فى تلك المحنة من لما كان كيلو اللحمة بجنيه لحد ما أصبح بثلاثين جنيه

كلنا أبطال

تحياتى ليك ، وكلماتك منها ما أعجبنى ومنها ما ترددت فى قبوله
أكثر ما أعجبنى أقوالك فى القيادة

أما فى الأعمال فلا ... ربما لأنى لا أكترث كثيرا للمال أو ربما لست بذلك الأصرار على البيع ... ربما لن أنجح أبدا كتاجر أو رجل أعمال

أما فى كلماتك عن المرأة فأحسست أن هناك شيئا ما غائبا .. لا تسألنى ما هو؟ ...لا أعرف


ايوية said...

رجل أعمال ، جميل جداً، المهم أن يكون رجلاً بالأساس، ثم يأتي الحديث عن الأعمال"
فعلا المهم انة يكون رجلا الاول لان الرجولة فى زمننا دة نادرة جدا
تحياتى على الكلام الجميل دة

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Agenda Hamra,
Thank you for the valuable visit, and for the encouraging comment. These quotes maybe written over around 16 years, I changed my time about some, while I still believe in most of them. Best Regards Dear

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزي Arabic ID

ما ينقص كلماتي عن المرأة هي المرأة نفسها ، الأسطورة ، الحلم ، الأنثى المقدسة التي نفني العمر بحثا عنها و لا يجدها الا المحظوظ
تحياتي و تقديري

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

الغالية ايوية
الرجل الحقيقي و المرأة الحقيقية كلاهما نادر في زماننا و بلدنا ، لاننا مجتمع يمر بمرحلة ضبابية من تاريخه ، بلا هوية ، و عندما تذوب هوية المجتمع ، تذوب فيه هوية أغلب الافراد