From Magdstan with Sorrows

Farwelling Secular Prosperity

Hereunder, the last part of the faction story "Magdstan, a Sister Glorius State", today, we will see what happened to Nasser, the glorious president of Magdstan, the person I invented as a lung of glory in the era of Arabic asphyxia. The end might look sad, but I see it a factional end for a factional story. A leader who believes in his dreams, will face the problem of public ignorance in our Arab nations, a problem makes leading the nation, or misleading it, as easy as leading a herd. We usually dream of Salvatore, the just governor who will make a heaven-garden from our country. The question is, if it happened and we had him, can we handle him? Our problem is much deeper than our governments, it is within our skulls I believe, this what we need to face, and this what drove the end of my story to be that sad.
Direct Airing from presedential residency in Zahera, President "Nasser Al-Magdi"

Dear Fellow-citizens, Glorious Magdis,
Before you I stand today as usual, an assigned employee at the degree of President of State before his employer, the nation. In such ceremonies, I used to discuss my decisions before you and explain it in details. However, today, it is more difficult to explain and detail, it is a decision that can be narrated only with pain in heart and burn in the throat. Yet, it is an obligation on myself, regarding my commitment to you since I attended the office, and regarding the national policies and strategies we agreed on together years ago. Therefore, my situation today was mandated against my will, only by the moral obligations I hold toward my glorious nation.
As we are all aware, we ran lately the Parliament elections, a one that brought-up the allies who calls themselves "Islamic Brothers", while I call them "Islamified Brothers". I have to admit they succeeded to convince you o' my nation with their shining slogans and attractive utopian words, I have to admit because this is what you expressed yourselves in the election. It is a weak majority what they achieved, but still a majority by the end of the day, a majority qualifying them, to be in charge of leading the policies of the state of Magdstan for three years according to our constitutional articles.

When the results of election were mainfested, I found myself in a very critical situation. I had to choose between respecting democracy, apart from how devastating results I can personally predict, or not to respect the baby-democracy in our land. The confusion was, being a baby, if we did not respect it today, it shall never be applied again. It was unequaledly tough decision between two risks. Lately, I had my choice, and I stand before you today to announce it. To announce a couple of presidential decrees;

First, to name Mr. Roshdi A'amer, the leader of the "Islamic Brothers Mass", as a prime minister, assigning him to compose his administration within two weeks from the decree issuance. Before narrating my 2nd decree, I would like to elaborate with you for moments about the consequences I predict in advance for the 1st one. Having the loyalty that I have to our nation, and despite my decree applying the results of the democratic process, I have to highlight my fears, those delayed my decree for 4 days from the date of elections to the date of decree issuance. It is a consequences I predict to come true very shortly after having the Islamified mass in power. These are,

  1. Once they put in practice, the shaking economic regulations they announced before, applying what they called "Islamic Economy", this will result in devastating turbulence to the international trading movements. Moreover, their access to power will essentially freak-out foreign capital investments within Magdstan, which started already since election results airing. The first reaction was freezing the Magdi accounts and credits globally, until the international community ensure these liquid assets shall not be employed to finance terrorism and extremist societies.
  2. Deterioration of the international relations of Magdstan, also started already with the comments of Mr. Roshdi A'amer on the international bank decisions, freezing assets of Magdstan, wherein he narrated that he does not know a thing called international community! Moreover, he used the words "Shaking EU" and the "Devilish USA'. The expectations about how US and EU shall react to these words are highly variable.
  3. Once in charge, the new Islamified admin. will apply its totalitarian regimen. Wherein, the personal freedom of individual will be crashed under what they call "Islamic traditions". Sadly, a day has come, when Magdstan adopts a totalitarian system like that of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.
  4. Rapid decline of national unity is highly expected to take place. Starting with the letter submitted from "Michel Samir", the proclaimed leader of "Christian Magdis in US" society, to the US Congress. Needless to say, the fanatic Michel found in the Islamified mass accessing the office, a unique opportunity to justify his dreams of support from USA, aiming to establish an autonomy zone for Christian Magdis in South Magdstan. Which is highly possible to happen if things kept its descending rate. Shall this nightmare comes true? Magdstan will never be one again, once detached, forever detached and further detachements might happen.
"Nasser Al-Magdi" can never be part of this chaos, I wish you accept my sincere apologies, taking the second decision. Whereby, I resign from the position of "President of State". Handing over my responsibilities to Marshal "Ali Gazal" the supreme Commander of Magdi Army, whom I trust to lead safely the transitional period, before the new presidential elections take place next September. Today, I have to farewell a land wherein I was born, and a nation that I had always adored. Only to find a place in the world, when secularity and human rights can be applied, parting in purpose from those who cover their vanity with Islam. Islam, my faith, that I had always seen as the most secular, practical and civilized, I can not see it today applied in my homeland with the nomadic understanding of that IB mass.

Finally my beloved people, I wish days will prove wrong all my expectations, I really hate feeling right about what I said. I had only wished all prosperity and glory for this land and this nation. May God bless you Magdstan people and keeps our beloved Magdstan with his unflagging care. To you Magdi Armies, and to you Marshal "Gazal", I rely on the honesty and patriotism of the army, to navigate and pass safely from this storm. The army took it out from the storm of monarchy before, and it is capable to do it again whenever theology seems to be too stinky to its future ans stability. Thank You


الفاتح اليعقوبي said...

السلام عليكم

سامحني فكلام حضرتك يضحك بالفعل

تعرف ايه المشكلة يااستاذ اياد ان مجدستان هذه لن توجد في الواقع ابدا تتعرف لماذا
يقول تعالي:(أَفَمَنْ أَسَّسَ بُنْيَانَهُ عَلَى تَقْوَى مِنْ اللَّهِ وَرِضْوَانٍ خَيْرٌ أَمْ مَنْ أَسَّسَ بُنْيَانَهُ عَلَى شَفَا جُرُفٍ هَارٍ فَانْهَارَ بِهِ فِي نَارِ جَهَنَّمَ وَاللَّهُ لا يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الظَّالِمِينَ )0
بس كده
المهم في القصة كلها ان بالفعل ان من سيرفع لااله الا الله بحقها هو من سيحكم

وليس من يتشدق بالاسلام وهو ابعد مايكون عنه اي كان
سواء كان هؤلاء المتشدقون من الائتلاف الحاكم او رئيس مجدستان
صح ولا غلط
وكل عام ومجدستان بخير وبصحة وعافية
ولا وجود لها


amro said...

تحياتى د. اياد
انا الحقيقة نادم ان فاتتنى مدونة الرئيس
وطبعا ان اعلنت موقفك من هئولا القوم ان صح التعبير
اتذكر انك قلت انك لن تجاورهم فى البلد ان حكموها
وانت هنا توكد هذا الموقف
اعتقد انك تطرح هنا يوتوبيا جيدة حيث ان هناك ثورة وهذه الثورة حققت انجازات ضخمة
وحققت ديمقراطية تتيح تداولا سلميا للسلطة
هى فكرة فريدة وحلم عظيم وكبير
انا لا اتفق مع الرئيس فى موقفه الرافض لنتائج الديمقراطية
حيث انه يتخذ هنا نفس موقف المتاسلمين
وتعلم ان موقفهم من الديمقراطية هو موقف تكتيكى، هم لا يومنون بها بشكل مبدئى
ويتخذونها وسيلة للوصول رغم انهم يعتبرونها نظاما كفريا
واتفق معة بالطبع فى كل ماقدم من خطر هئولا على الوحدة الوطنية والاقتصاد والحريات

انا حضرت لاقول لك كل سنه وانت طيب
عيد سعيد عليك وكل الاسرة والاصدقاء
وخالص امنياتى لك بالصحة والسعادة

shams said...

معتقدش ان ناصر المجدي ممكن يسيب الدور اللي انكتب علية
دور المقاتل
و المقاتل لا يترك ميدان المعركة الا في خيارين اما كنتصر ما ششهيد

و كل عام و انت بخير

ايوية said...

انا مش موافقة على استقالة الرئيس
دة ضعف وهروب من المعركة لازم يفضل موجود ويحاول انة يتصدى ليهم وبسلطاتة
الممنوحة لية من القانون يقدر انة يدافع عن مجدستان
انا مش متعودة انهزامية من الرئيس الى حب بلدة
ولو هو من مؤيدى الديمقراطية يسيب الشعب يختار هو عايزة ولاالا
لانة كدة ببساطة بيسيبلهم الملعب يجى رئيس منهم يعمل الى هما عايزينة
انا اول من يرفض استقالة الرئيس المجدى

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

عزيزي اليعقوبي
يسعدني أن القصة رسمت ضحكة على شفتيك، فمن الجميل أن نرسم البسمة على الشفاة ، لا ان نكون كالسكاكين ، لا تتحرك الا لتجرح او تذبح

لكنها ليست مشكلة واحدة يا سيدي و لكن مشاكل ، فدعنا نحصيها

- عندما نعتقد أن منهجنا هو ما عناه الله بالبنيان المؤسس على التقوى و كأننا اتخذنا عليه تعالى عهدا، فتلك مشكلة

- ربط الحكم براية التوحيد ، يؤدي لربط كل أخطاء و خطايا و مصائب النظام الحاكم بدين الله، و تلك مشكلة ثانية

- أن نعتقد على وجه اليقين أننا من يفهم دين الله حق فهمه و أن الاخر أيا كان ، هو مجرد متشدق بدين الله، فتلك مشكلة و آفة

فهي مشاكل ، لأجلها قرر رئيس مجدستان أن يتعلم الشعب بالتجربة ما لا تعلمه الكلمات

و عليك السلام

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

أخي العزيز عمرو

شرفتني بزيارتك و تعليقك ، لكن دعني أوضح أن الرئيس لم يرفض حصاد الديمقراطية ، بل أنفذ ما قرره الشعب و انتدب رئيس الجماعات المتأسلمة لتشكيل الوزارة ، ثم استقال حتى لا يعيش ببلد يخالف مبادئه الثورية

و نعم ، قلت صدقا يا صديقي، فهؤلاء لا يثبون على السلطة فوق سنام الديمقراطية ، حتى يقصموا هذا السنام ليظلوا هناك للأيد

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

أخي العزيز شمس
لقد احترم ناصر خيار الشعب الذي اختار التطرف ، و بما أنه لا يتناسب مع هذا التيار ، فقد حمل عصاه و رحل احتراما لخيار شعبي ديقراطي
كل عام و انت بكل خير

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

أختنا الغالية آية
أوحشتنا كلماتك يا اية المدونين ، أما عن ناصر المجدي ، فهو يحترم خيار الشعب الذي اختارهم ، و لقد أراد للشعب أن يتعلم بتجربة الدم و الدموع ما لا تعلمه الكلمات ، سيصل المتاسلمون للسلطة يوما يا آية ، هذا ايماني، و لكن لنحمد الله لاننا في عصر سريع الايقاع ، لن يلبثوا فيها اكثر من عشر سنوات ، خلالها سيعرفهم المصريون على حقيقتهم ، و ستنهار الشعارات في بوتقة التجربة ، التداعيات التي كتبتها أنا خيالية هنا اتوقعها بحق ، و ستحدث ، و ستظلم سماء القاهرة، ثم من رحم هذا الظلام ، سيولد نور الحرية ، و حين يدفع الشعب ضريبة الدم، سيتعلم كيف يضع المتطرفين من أبنائه بحجمهم الطبيعي القزمي

تحياتي و تقديري

Fantasia said...

dr. eyad i felt a lump in my throat while reading your new post. forgive me. as much as i was happy with seeing your new post, and knowing that you're back with us, as much as i found the post to be so depressing.
it is not about a president leaving his people behind.. it is not about a country in a critical point point in its history.. it is not about failure, weakness, and destruction. all of this is understandable and can be dealt with.
what killed me was seeing a fighter quitting his battlefield and giving up his land to the enemy, claiming that the citizens must pay the price for their choices! what choices? they didn't make a choice. and a person in charge, especially naser elmagdy, can not do this in the name of teaching those people a lesson!
this is not what people wish for. they want solutions, that's all. he simply slammed the door in their faces and told them to go to hell cause they asked for it.
he sees the dangers, and he explained them. this kind of awareness means that he is deliberately committing a crime. he is killing a whole nation.
even if your kids are ungrateful and insist on following the wrong company, does that mean for you to leave them? quit them? let them destroy themselves and others?
i am not implying that presidency is like parenting.. but i do believe that ignorant citizens are like kids who can see nothing but the candy in the hands of strangers. they don't know the dangers awaiting them. they can't calculate the risks they will be subjected to. they are decieved by the nice and kind attitude of the stranger. they want to get to the candy, no matter what happens after that.
my heart is aching while reading those words.. the scenario described is so real that i strongly shut my eyes to avoid imaging those tragic events. we are witnessing a sample now.. and if it doesn't freak the hell out of all of us, push us to resist, inspire us to keep fighting, and do whatever we can to prevent this darkness from swallowing up our beloved homeland.. then we are to blame and nobody else.
enemies have always been at the gates. it is magdstan's fate. yet, its faithful citizens have always been there to defend their gates. before quitting his position, the president should have remembered that "he who laughs last laughs best".

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Fantasia,
what a great young lady you are in the very wrong era, Beriam El-Tonsy once said:

و المغربي المسلم راخر أبو زر فاشوك
لما نقدته زعل ، قاللي يلعن بأبوك
و أنا اللي نفسي أشوف قيده مفكوك
لقيته فرحان بيه و راضي، طيب مبروك

All what you said is merely true ya Fanta, but his choices were limited, to stay and apply democracy, as Aya commented, then the country will be a field of combat between him and them, to abort democracy and then he is a dictator, or finally to leave and rely on the real experience to maturate the nation. and this is what he choosed. Besr Regards

الشريف / جمال طة said...

منتظر زيارتك للنكات الاتية للتضامن معي ضد نظام الكفالة السعودي