Historical Abraha

With the power (help) of god, and the Jesus (=Christian) King Abraha Zeebman (King's title), the King of Saba'a, Zuridan and Hadrmaut. and Yemen and the tribes (on) the mountains and the coast wrote these lines on his battle against the tribe of Ma'ad ( in ) the battle of al-Rabiya in the month of "Dhu al Thabithan" (April) and fight (against) all the (tribes) of Bani A'amir. and appointed the King (the leader) "Abi Jabar" with (tribe) Kinda and (Qahtani tribe) Al (and the leader) "Bishar bin Hasan" with (Tribe) Sa'ad ( and the tribe) Murad and ( the tribe) Hadarmaut (stand) in front of the army against Bani Amir of Kinda. and (the tribe) Al in wadi "zu markh" and Murad and Sa'ad in wadi Manha on the way to Turban and killed and captured and took the booty in large quantities and the King and fought at Halban and reached Ma'ad and took booty and prisoners, and after that, conquered (from the tribe of Ma'ad) Omro bin al-Munzir.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

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