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Totlrazuril Originator Re-Launch

Baycox re-launch took place during the period from Q3 2006-Q2 2007. The most important challenges according to the previous experience with the product in the Egyptian market were;

  1. Former agent carried on a campaign in late 2002 focusing on the standalone program with toltrazuril as prophylaxis. Unsupported by neither anticoccidial feed additives nor coccidia vaccines. The outcomes under the Egyptian farming conditions were not satisfactory. Leaving negative impression about the product.
  2. Price more than 2.5 times its most expensive European generic. Yet, the product results were incomparable to any other generic.
  3. Price dumping by the former importer took place in the pre-launch and early launch phases


The pre-concept "Coccidiosis Outbreaks Still Can Happen" was intended to focus the positioning as a therapeutic intervention in outbreaks and severe post vaccinal reactions. Avoiding repetition of the previous experiences in 2002


Every toltrazuril will work on the infective stages of the protozoa and spare other stages responsible for immunity. However, this very valuable feature was not well spoken by competitors including generics. This was behind the choice of "Controlling Infection .. Sparing Immunity" concept linked to treating outbreaks and enforcing the value in post vaccinal reactions.

Concept Extension

The limitation to therapy in clinical coccidiosis and post vaccinal reactions under the severe competition, specially from generics, all focusing on this area, necessitated a move out of the box. This was the introduction of Baycox usage in sub-clinical coccidiosis that exists wherever poultry exist. Capitalizing on the increase in performance linked to Baycox usage in flocks not symptmoatizing clinical coccidiosis. Thence, the concept of "Investing in Performance" was introduced during Agrena 2008.

Baycox is a Bayer Healthcare brand name

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