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Building an IMC Campaign
IMC Campaign For Merial Relaunch to Egyptian Market (2006-2007)

After a period of absence from the Egyptian poultry vaccines market, lasted between 2004-2006 p.c., The goal was to relaunch Merial strongly back to poultry market with a new distributor.

The Challenges
  1. To relaunch 28 products stimulanously to the marketplace
  2. To eliminate misconceptions in the market place caused by the distributionship change phase, product unavailability being one.
  3. To overcome previous misperception of Avinew to be protective against intestinal newcastle symbtoms only
  4. Magnify the value of 0.3 ml dose of Gallimune range (Merial Inactivated Poultry Vaccines)

The Concepts

First Concept

Aiming to cover challenge no (2) through highlighting the status of Merial as a world leading company in poultry biologicals, and the capacity of the distributor, we produced the "Hand-in-Hand Partnership" concept. Introducing the new cooperation as a partner to poultry producers, who capitalizes on services and technical support. Produced in English and Arabic versions to cover vet. HCPS needs as well as producers' capacity

Second Concept

To cover challenges no (1-4), The concept of "As Protective as Can be .. As Concise as 0.3". Focusing on the added value of the concentrated and purified inactivated vaccines to poultry producers.

Third Concept

As an enforcement to 2nd concept. The concept of "When Bigger is Not Better" was shortly introduced to highligh the value of Gallimune range.

Fourth Concept

To cover challenge no (3), introducing Avinew as a protective live vaccine against respiratory as good as intestinal symptoms of Newcastle diseas. Therefore the "Performance Needs Both" concept was introduced

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