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Readiness for a Combat

Aiming to Face the ongoing challenge of HPAI outbreaks in Egyptian poultry industry, which seems as a guest who is planning to stay for long time, or even for ever, we had a potent proactive action early in 2007, in cooperation with our partners in Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica. While the idea of the product development does not belong to me, as our chairman had this initiative, I took care of materializing it into fact, coordinating with the manufacturer in the commercial aspects, including labeling idea, branding modification and promotional conceptualization. Practically Speaking, all the glory of this new product development goes to the pioneer regional director of BI, Dr. Dieyar Kakel. He did all what it takes to give birth to a new multi-million black horse .. or better call it red horse. This is very briefly how Volvac HAC came to reality.
The Concept
Knowing that the baseline product was also a multi-million dollars product, it was crucial to hammer the fact that Volvac AI was a big success facing 2006 challenges in the field. To avoid misperception by customers, thinking the development took place to cover a weakness. In the campaign, in close cooperation with BI regional team, we started with highlighting the achievements of the baseline product. Then elaborating the logic of change and its added value, linking it to the two major values;
  1. Fast immune response that is vital in the current status in Egypt
  2. Maintained antibodies curve to ensure a long lasting immunity.

From here the slogan of "Fast and Long Last" originated. Apart from conceptual side, the scientific part of this campaign was formulated by my colleague Dr. Mahmoud Refaat in close cooperation with BI team

(Technology and details are patent information, accordingly not revealed here)
Volvac AI KV and Volvac AI KV HAC are brand names of Boegringer Ingelheim vetmedica.
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