Masterkey to Synergy

Original Menbutone Launch

False Fixed Beliefs
The launch of generic menbutone = Genabilic acid = Genabiline in the Egyptian market had precedented the launch of the original brand by more than five years. Accordingly, during the launch of Genabil, the original menbutone from Boehringer Ingelheim, we had a tough situation based on two false fixed beliefs, composed over time based on customer experiences with the generic menbutones,
  1. Some customer believed that menbutone is a combined therapy in cases of tempany only! Surely, their experience with the generic menbutone was not up to their expectations due to the quality of the generic not the menbutone as a molecule.
  2. Others believed that menbutone causes cardiac complications! The generic manufacturers apparently neglected to alarm that menbutone -only like any other smooth muscle fiber modulator- needs to be used with caution in specific situations.

Concept & Message

To widen the horizon of the product, overcoming the point no one, we relied on a solid fact, that is the waste of energy obtainable from feed due to a variety of reasons. Which increases the importance of motility modulator to optimize alimentary motility, gaining maximal energy yield from feed. This modulator should be used in cases whence stress exists or expected on the animal. Here wherein Genabil serves best of the rest. We focused on 6 common conditions. Building the concept of Masterkey to Alimentary Synergy.

The material hereunder, shows the value of simplifying science to producers, and even to HCPs to increase its attraction and palatability. Every prescriber must be fed-up from the flood of technical bulletins full of text he receives every single day! Surely a different meal built on animations and graphs will be more palatable to him

Genabil is a brand name of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
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