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From SBUs to Corporation Phase

In 2007, we started the first phase of corporating IFT (Egyptian Animal Health Distributor) to SBUs, to be completed in 2008 by issuing the IFT Corporation as the Mega ID, with sublime IDs of individual companies replacing the previous SBUs. The purpose of the new corporate ID was to reflect the following perceptions,

  1. Strength of a Mega corporation credit to the corporate. Preserving as much as possible of the 18 years lasting identity of IFT as a company
  2. Separate brand recognition to each company, which will subsequently reflect on company's perception by customer and foster the acceptance to deal with each company as a separate company
  3. Complimentary branding to the manufacturing partners.


  1. Corporation: Was intended to preserve the corporate colors identified in late 2005 with exact pantones. Also keeping the standard motto developed in the same year, that is "Quality .. Integrity .. Leadership". Therefore serving objective no (1)

  2. ProFram: Named from the first section of "Professional" and "Promoting" with the word "Farm" to reflect its mission statement "Professionally Promoting Farm Economics". The Green color was intended to inspire growth linked to three major products of the company, mainly in the area of controlling mycotoxins and necrotic entritis.
  3. ProVax: Formed of the section "Pro" to reflect professionalism, and the modified section "Vax" from Vaccination that is the major line of it. Slogan was based on its range of vaccination and biosecurity products, accordingly coined as "Uniquely Shielding Performance". Blue color was to reflect purity that is a major quality in vaccines.
  4. ValuVet: Composed of the sector "Value" to reflect its range of elite feed additive from the world leader in coccidiosis control, and the section "Vet" reflecting the market. It was also intended to accommodate large animal elite pharmaceuticals. Orange color to reflect the color of pure gold to symbolize value. Similarly the slogan was coined as "Realizing Value Commitment".
  5. VaxiTec: From the section "Vaxi" modified phonetically from "Vaccination" to avoid length and confusion with other brands, and the section "Tec" from "Technology". Aiming to reflect related vaccination technology. Color as well as slogan coined "Hand-to-Hand Partnership" was used to foster the branding of the related partner (Merial)
  6. VetMedica: Named after the related manufacturer (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica) and the color reflects the identity of one of its major products (Metacam). Slogan coined after the slogan of another major multi-million product (Volvac AI)


Specialised Press Inserts

The concept of "Unceasing Fruitfulness" was developed to reflect the added value of the new structure expressed by customer terms. The employment of the wheat landscape was intended based on its linkage to fruitfulness in Egyptian mind for thousands of years.

New Year Items

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