Agrena 2008

Corporate Branding Applied

We discussed in a previous post the fundamentals of corporate branding done for an Egyptian distributor in animal health business. Here, we will explore together the applications used for the same firm in Agrena specialized annual fair for the year 2008

Exhibition Booth

Products' Light-box Banners

Partners Banners

Designs Conceptualized and Applied in Cooperation with BioMarketing Solutions © 2008
Copyrights© 2008. Eyad Harfoush


Amira El-Deeb said...

Dear Dr.Eyad,

I'd like to add that small note... The success story of your company at AGRENA 2008 was the major talk among all companies working at the field of Vet. Medicines & Most of Marketers as well ... May be because of your elegant Booth which cost can be calculated easily to break the 6th Zero :)))

I remember i was trying to visit your booth but unfortunately i couldn't. So, what a pleasure i have know on reading this post & enjoying your talented work in designing brochures & flyers... I wish if someday I could get a copy of your presentation which i know it's a piece of Art

Thnx my Dear & Best Wishes

Dr. Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Dr. Amira,

I am really delighted with your interest in this. Glad also to win a positive comment from a communication instructor like your good self. thanks dear

Best Regards