Facing Avian Flu

HPAI Outbreak - Egypt- 2007 / 2008

During the onset of the HPAI outbreak that took place in October 2007 and until today, devastatingly harming the Egyptian commercial poultry poultry industry, we faced a situation of fictions domination! Mainly caused by several private as well as governmental entities sweating either on self protection or self benefiting. Some importers of H5N1 vaccines from China claimed without any scientific base that H5N1 is more protective than H5N2 strains! Governmental entities focused on finger-pointing the household sector!

In this dilemma, we introduced this well referenced educational facts' sheet to improve the situation via extensive communication to our customers' base. Uncovering the claimed fictions with the scientifically sound data and advising the cornerstones of AI control. This was purely educational effort free from any sort of branding, and mainly triggered by caring about the prosperity of poultry industry and its effect on the Egyptian family and economy at large.

N.B. Scientific material is a mental property of Dr. Farid Hosny, MRCVS
Campaign was supported by case studies managed by Dr. Mahmud Refaat.
Copyrights© 2007. Eyad A. Harfoush

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