SureStep® Positioning

As PoCGT System

In the vast majority of first world countries, SureStep® Flex® is the standard solution for PoCGT from LifeScan. However, upon surveying the market, we found this innovative solution will be liable to suffer the following hindering factors in the Egyptian market;
  1. Degree of sophisticated IT applications that outweighs our nursing staff capacity even under extensive training.
  2. Initial cost was far beyond the expectation of hospitals to receive the system on PO basis. To get the system on FOC basis, we needed a frequency of testing per meter that was 4 times the capacity of the leading national institutions.

Accordingly, the 2nd best solution for institutional market was to position SureStep® Plus, commonly promoted and used as an SMBG solutions in US and Europe. As it offers PoCGT features' set exceeding the standards of the Egyptian market by this time. We capitalized mainly on the following advantages;

  1. Infection control: based on removable strip holder and strip absorbing and blood containment pad.
  2. Accuracy: based on End-Point technology
  3. Simplicity: One button meter with simple 3 steps for testing

SureStep® is a Brand Name of LifeScan, Johnson & Johnson.
Copyrights© 2002. Eyad A. Harfoush

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