PoCGT Concept

SureStep Nursing Education Initiative - 2001

In 2001, and more or less until today, the concept of Point of Care Glucose Testing (PoCGT) as an area that needs a specialized solution, which will essentially differ from SMBG, was not clear in the Egyptian hospital market. The meters used by that time were majorly made for SMBG use. Therefore these systems had the following defects;
  1. No infection control measures to protect the patient as well as the healthcare provider.
  2. Mostly based on EC technology that usually gives reading with a high bias compared to lab photometers. While this is very tolerable in home use conditions, it might not be tolerable during inpatient admission or prior to surgical operations.
Thence, the purpose of the Nursing Education Initiative (NEI) was to foster the PoCGT concept by educating nursing staff about the challenges of glucose testing in the point of care and the added values of a monitoring system tailored for PoCT needs. Then advising how SureStep Plus can meet these challenges to the fullest extent. Capitalizing Mainly on;
  1. The safety SureStep Plus offers to the nursing staff themselves
  2. The accuracy of SureStep Plus that fits with the needs of a health compromised diabetic in a state of admission.

The module was prepared in Arabic due to language constrains among the majority of Egyptian nursing teams even in the uppermost institutions

SureStep® is a Brand Name of LifeScan, Johnson & Johnson.

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