Exhibiting in Non Healthcare Events

OneTouch Ultra- 2004

In non specialized events, it is crucial to take the following in consideration while preparing your representation;

  1. Exhibition visitors might not be expecting a healthcare exhibitors over there. This is particularly why you need to highlight the nature of your product and related healthcare area.
  2. Exhibiting in sporting clubs, shopping malls, public parks .. etc. are useful tool specially if you are building awareness about a new concept or solution. Nonetheless, people usually are not psychologically prepared to think about their morbidity areas and health problems in these places, unlike in pharmacies or hospital waiting areas for instance. Accordingly, you need to wise-up during budgeting these non-specialized public events. Also to rationalize your exhibition materials, therefore you can use it later on in other healthcare related facilities.
  3. Do not expect that much direct sales. As the lack of preparedness as discussed earlier might alter the immediate purchase decision even if the idea clicked with the prospect customer.
  4. When FMCG giants are around, it is extremely difficult to be impressive as a healthcare exhibitor by your presentation size or richness of material. The prospect base of FMCG is much wider than yours, and their cost structure is very different too. You need to compete and attract attention through innovative ideas and adding value to customers.
  5. According to the nature of your product. You can decide to go for a consumer offer during the exhibition or not. Some products will move much easier with this type of promotion. Cosmeceuticals and personal care products are the best examples. More sophisticated products on the contrary might be affected negatively when you put it in the same basket with consumables.

Accordingly, you will notice in the exhibition material prepared for OneTouch Ultra launch in Egypt in 2003-2004, and used in sporting clubs, shopping malls as well as chain pharmacy yards, the following criteria

  1. Diabetes and self monitoring took almost 70% of the display areas at the booth sides. Eye catching was achieved through the spinning mock-up and the spinning earth globe with lights on the top of the booth.
  2. Prepared as simple 4 walls model, of 3X3 m2 area, to be easily reused in wide array of events. Cost was limited to $ 4000.
  3. Meters and strips were available for direct sales. However, without overselling efforts to walk-in customers.
  4. Free blood glucose testing and BP measurement was used as an attractor to the target age group (above 40)
  5. No consumer offer was applied to avoid leaving an impression of hit and run product. Specially at the level of technology of glucose monitors.

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